Chapter 1

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It was mid-day when Nicki decided to finally get out of bed. For the past few months she has been working non-stop trying to kick start her rap career doing daily studio sessions and nightly shows. She already had her first mix tape out called Playtime is Over and she was already working on her second mix tape. She was always tired but she knew she had to make it work. Nicki rolled out of bed and sighed. She slipped her feet in her pink fuzzy slippers and made her way to the bathroom to relieve herself, wash her face and brush her teeth. After she was finished, she made her way to the kitchen to fix something to eat. She decided on pancakes, turkey bacon, egg whites and some orange juice. Nicki gathered all the necessary ingredients and began preparing breakfast. After she was done cooking, she settled in the dining room and ate. Nicki jumped when her phone started to light up and vibrated. She picked it up

"Hello?" she said.

"Hey Nic" safaree said

"What's up?"

"Are you going into the studio today?"

"Nope, it's my day off....why nigga?"

"Good because Lauren, Candi and Tyesha want to go to the mall, you wanna come with us?"

"I really don't feel like going anywhere today safaree, I just wanna chill at home"

"I understand Nic, you need your rest. Call me if you need anything ok!?"

"Thanks and I will"


"Bye" She hung up, finished her food and walked to the kitchen and rinsed the plate and glass cup and placed it in the dishwasher. Nicki made her way back to her bedroom and grabbed her notebook that she writes all her raps in and made herself comfortable. She began writing everything that came to mind. Two hours passed and she started to get a burst of energy to go and lay down some tracks in the studio. She hopped out of bed and ran to turn on the shower, setting it to the perfect temperature. After she felt it was warm enough she stepped in and grabbed her loofah and her Tone body wash. She started lathering her entire body and rinsed until she was squeaky clean. Stepping out of the shower she grabbed her towel that was hanging on the rack beside it. She made her way over to her closet to pick out her clothes for the day. She decided on some dark blue skinny jeans and a purple tank top. She quickly placed her outfit on the bed and walked over to the dresser to grab her Johnson's cocoa butter lotion. After she was done getting dressed she sprayed on some of her Dior perfume, slipped on some sandals and grabbed her purse, keys and was out the door.

*At the studio*
Nicki pulled up and immediately saw a lot of cars in parking lot which meant she'll probably would be there all night. She took the key out of the ignition and grabbed her purse and notebook. Once she made her way into the studio Nicki noticed some unfamiliar faces and wondered why they were there but didn't say anything. She spotted one of the engineers and quickly approached him.

"Hey Mark" she said.

"Hi Nic, I wasn't expecting you today. Why you not resting on your day off?"

"I don't know I just can't rest until I know that I've made it"

"I feel ya Nic, can't knock your hustle"

"Anyways who are all these people here today?"

"I don't know yet I just got in a minute ago but they from Canada I think Martin mentioned something about
producers from Canada yesterday!"

" Canada!?! Do Canadians know about rap" she laughed.

"Nic you're a trip, let me go setup and I'll meet you in studio 4 in about 30 minutes ok?"

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