my new life

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"Come on Raven , You can do better then that " it had been a few months since Hook kidnapped me and we realised i was his daughter and he was my dad. since then the grew has welcomed me and i have proven its not bad luck to have a women aboard the ship , since then Hook has been teaching me all the important skills i need to know now that i am a pirate , today he was helping me practice sword fighting .Besides Hook , Mr Smee is my biggest fan and had always been kind to me. "1 , 2 Raven keep up love or you'll fall behind, then your life is at stake ." our swords clashed against one another " you need to be aware of everything around you , you never know when you might face Pan ."
" i know, Hook " Hook was very determined that i stay away from pan, the shadow any of the lost boys or mermaids and remain on the ship . it made life a bit borning at times , but because of the amount of time ive spent on this ship i can literally make my way around it blinfolded including the mast and crows nest. if i wasnt training i was reading, learning to decifer and code maps , pick locks , tie knots .ect . One thing really botherd me though ... Peter Pan , when i met him the first day i arrived at Neverland he seemed so charming now i know he' nothing like i thought, after everything Hooks told me about him i am not suprised he goes out most nights to try and kill him . He's manipulative , self centered, evil , coniving , bastered that makes your life hell and all because its a game to him. i use this hatred and put it into my fighting so that when i do get the chance i can beat him and kill him .

Felix's POV
Its been months since that girl Raven was here , i never see her on the island but sometimes i catch a glimps of her on Hook's ship , to this day i dont know why Hook took her , why the shadow brought her here or why it bothers me so much . all i know is that the shadow never should have brought her here and that she shouldnt be with Hook, who know's what he'd doing to her. he could be using her as a punching bag. . "Felix "Peter Yelled " stop day dreaming and get back to work "
Damn i thought to myself i have to be careful i know pan is capable of reading dreams and thoughts

Hooks POV
aven should be ready an day now . Ive found a way to destroy Peter Pan once and for all , and its all thanks to my daughter , who knew she would be the very thing to destroy him, when i frist found out , i tried my best to hide my devastation but i think Raven saw a glimps of it so i turned it around as shock , anyone would be .Although it was nice to see parts of her mother through her, and it does explain why she went away so quickly all those years ago I walked out of my cabbin to see Raven up on the mast again "watch where you going love" i beckoned to my daughter with a fake smile upon my face.

Peters POV
I cant deal with all the lost boys getting distracted , todays the day we storm Hooks ship and get the tressure back , i warned him back at dead mans cave that i would have the last laugh , besides the tresure , hook has a varity of magical items upon his ship that i want .
"peter all the weapons have been aquired for tonights rade " i looked up to see who had taken me out of my haze, it was Cubbie, he was one of the first lost boys. "some of the lost boys are wondering why were going to storm Hooks ship, and what use we have for the tressure" . infuriated my his stupid coment that obviously included his thoughts i bent down so i was eye height to him . "were going to get that tressure, because i said so" i said in a quiet sinister tone " and without the tressure, ill make sure that one by one lost boys will go missing , not in any order , you wont know who, when or where but it will happen and each one will suffer worse then if the shadow were to come , thats what will happen if we dont get that tressure" a sick smile spred across my face as i watched the blood drain from his , he ran away tripping as he did so . i sat down on a log across from the campfire and began to play my panflute , all that was left now was to wait

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