Chapter 16

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I slid the dress on, and adjusted it a bit. I looked down, the purple jewels shone in what little sunlight passed through the windows from the hall. The black flowy- but straight part of the dress layed beautiful. And I frowned.

I had curves in places I didn't want to have them. Of course I have less now , since we don't have many food these days but before the whole thing went down, you could say I was a potato. I still am, just a smaller potato. Suddenly I didn't feel like wearing it any more.I'll admit, I'm a little insecure. I pulled the dress down a bit till I saw a shadow form in the cell entrance. Quickly, I pulled it up and realized it was Maggie.

"Why are you taking it off? I want to see." She said as she came towards me.

She placed her hands on my bare shoulders. The dress only went as far up under my armpits.  I looked her in the eyes. "Sorry."

A smile slowly crept across her face. "Come."

We walked to her cell. She put me infront of the mirror. Just like she had the first time. She pulled my hair tie, and my black hair fell. She twirled it in her fingers and smiled. I was looking at myself.

Some black strands of hair layed on my shoulders. I looked at my face, my brown eyes making eye contact and I wondered if it was me who I was looking at.  I had only seen myself about three times and two of them were with Maggie.

We only had one mirror at our house. Neither my siblings or parents could look at themselves, and I wondered why we even had a mirror, but between you and me, I peeked once. Of course it was without my parents permission, I had gone at night and opened it. It was in the back of a closet. I was around nine at the time so I don't remember how I looked like now.

Maggie went up to her table. She picked up a few things but I was still looking at myself so I didn't pay much attention. If mother would see me now im sure she'd disapprove. Maggie was behind me again and I saw what was in her hands, makeup.

She turned me around so I wasn't facing the mirror anymore, and opened this tube looking thing,a brush attached to the cap. "It's mascara-it won't hurt you dont worry," she assured me.

"Open your eyes wider."

And I did. I looked like one of those cartoons that you think if they open their eyes a bit more , they'd come out.

Maggie laughed her sweet short laugh, and I found myself grinning. It's like she had read my thoughts. I felt my eyelashes getting 'combed' and I wondered if that was what this specific makeup was for. After both of my eyes were done she got another thing. She got the cap off and twisted the bottom.

"Is it- lipstick?" I asked.

Her eyes widened a little. "Yeah, how'd you know?" I didn't know if she was being sarcastic so I just shrugged. "My mom used to wear some." I answered.

She slightly nodded, and started to put a pink-red shade of lipstick on my lips. I just stood there, I felt like one of those pageant girls; and I didn't want to feel like one.

"Okay close your eyes."

I closed them.

She turned me around again and faced the mirror.

"Okay don't open them till I say go."

She touched my hair, and I felt a comb go through it. Then little twists here and there.

"Okay, open."

Is this me?

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