*Blair's P.O.V."

"WE'RE HOME!!!" I screamed walking into the house we were staying at. Liam's hand was locked with mine in a warm embrace.

"Must be asleep." Liam shrugs. Just after that there is a huge bang upstairs making me jump backwards into Liam. Liam laughs at me as another bang comes from upstairs, then some bustling, then screams. I watch as a crowd of One Direction and hairspray fall down the stair and get up tackling us both to the floor. We sat there in a huge pile on the floor, laughing. I look up and see Harry, he was out of the pile, leaning on the wall, and staring straight at me. I knew what he was trying to say. I nodded and rolled out of the pile. I go and stand next to him and he grasps my hand and squeezes it before letting it go and standing straight. He claps his hands 4 times and I watch the pile disperse. Liam looks at me a expectantly and I just smile slightly.

"Alright, everyone to the couch!" Harry yells. Liam comes over to me and takes my hand. He drags me to the couch and pulls me onto his lap. I set my head in the crook of his neck and just sit there.

"Alright, where is Alex?" Harry asks looking around. Alex pops out of the kitchen area with nutella all over her face.

"Wait, that's now?" Alex asks, her eyes widening and she wipes the nutella off her face. She rushes over to Zayn and sits next to him. He smiles and her and pecks her forehead.

"Okay, so first order of business. Blair, please come and stand with me." Harry waves me over. I stand next to him, Liam and I just staring at eachother the whole time Harry is talking about how we will fix it and not to worry or panick when we do tell him. "... so don't do anything dramatic okay?" Liam finally breaks our stare and clenches his jaw and snaps his head to Harry. "Blair.."

"Uh..Yeh. Liam.... Um.... I..." I couldn't find the words. I felt tears escape my eyes. Liam jumps up and holds me in his arms. I lift my head and look deep in his brown eyes. I wipe away my tears and sigh. "Sophia told the paps that you two were dating, and if I didn't break up with you, she would ruin both of us." Liam pushes me away, I fall to the floor. I see the anger in his face and slide away quickly . Harry and Niall restrain him. He quickly throws them to the ground as well and walks too the door. He grabs his jacket and opens the door. Before he leaves lips "I love you" and blows a kiss. He slams the door shut and I here a car take off. I stare at everyone who is staring at me and begin to scream. "WHAT! HE IS GOING TO HURT HIMSELF! DO SOMETHING!" Harry pulls me close to him letting me cry on him. I just stand there crying, worrying about Liam.

"Shhh. Liam may have anger issues and he's done crazy thing in the past, but they never risk his life. Especially now, he would never leave you here." Harry explains. "I promise." I kiss his cheek and grab Louis to lead me to Liam and my room. He takes me to a room at the end of the hall and sets my bags down. He goes to walk out of the room until I grab his arm.

"Please stay." I say. He wraps his arms around me and I just cry. I feel Louis pick me up bridal style and set me on a soft bed. I feel the bed dip on the other side and arms wrap around me. I turn around and face Louis. He pulls me closer and I just cry into him.

"He will be alright Blair." Lou says. I cuddle closer to him, letting myself fall asleep. Louis hums "Last First Kiss" which is my favorite song and Liam's as well, since he wrote so much of it. I fall asleep in Louis arms and dream of Liam and Sophia and me and the lads and Alex and Zayn and Jace.


I wake up suddenly. Sweat drips down my skin and the wing blowing on it sending a shiver through me. I pant and lay back down, realizing that it was all a dream. I here the door crack open and realize Louis is gone.

"Lou?" I ask. No answer. "Niall?" Nope. "Harry?" nada. "Zayn?" no. "Liam?" I ask a little cheerful he may be home. He walks in and I notice the bottle in hs hand, the dark circles under his eyes, and the slight smell of alcohol. It's a dream. It's all a dream.

"Hey, Love!" Liam says rather loudly.

"Liam, shhh!" I whisper scream. "Everyone is asleep."

"SORRY!" He whisper screams back with a smirk, making me smirk. He heads over to me and pulls off his shirt. I watch as he climbs the bed over to me.

"Liam?" I ask unaware of what's going on. "Liam, get off."

"Don't worry Bae, I'll make you feel so good." Liam said leaning in. I quickly block my face and scream.

"NIALL!! HARRY!! LOUIS!! ZAYN!!" I scream. I hear bustling outside my door and finally it slams open. There stands Niall with a package of oreos in hand. Liam turns around and see's Niall there.

"Do you mind!" Liam snaps. Niall looks aorund him and see's me.

"Help me." I lip to him. He nods and gets closer.

"Hey, man." Niall says. "Whats up?"

"Just about to make some screams." Liam growls.

"That's cool." Just as he says that Niall punches Liam square in the jaw. I see Harry and Lou outside the door, and then Alex and Zayn. Harry and Louis dart into the room and restrain Liam. Niall goes for another punch but Zayn grabs his arms. Alex rushes to my side as the salty tears stream down my face. She holds me close as I watch the lads drag Liam into Niall's bedroom.

"Are you alright?" Alex asks.

"Please. Just... leave." I say. Alex gasps, but reluctantly leaves after hearing a small cough. I hear the door shut and the side of the bed dips. I look to see Harry. He wraps his arms around me and I just cry. How could Liam do that? Was he drinking? At least I had Harry.

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