Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Jordan's POV

My alarm went off at an early time, signalling it was time to get up. Although it was a deadly noise at a ungodly hour, I knew it was time to awaken myself for the day ahead. The weekends go too quickly for your own good. Yes, it's the last ever week of school until the holidays and then, yay, more school. Note the sarcasm. I'm almost in senior year, and I need to make a good impression on everyone before hand, just incase I make a fool out of myself again. You see, in freshman year, I was hoping to hang out with Christian, my brother, who was in senior year, but he ignored me. Apparently I was a loser to him, so I went with Ben, my twin brother. After a week he had friends and, well ditched me for them. Then there was Adam. He is currently a year above me, and I was intending in hanging around with my final brother, but things changed a little. He started smoking and I was gonna tell mom and dad but I didn't want to betray his trust, so I left it.

Finally, I had the courage to get out of bed, after bashing the top of the alarm. Today, or this week, I wanted to make at least one new friend, hoping they will be nice to me. I scrambled out of my bed, and walked over to where my full length mirror was. My hair looked like a birds nest and my skin was patchy. Deciding it would be hygienic to take a shower, I grabbed a towel from the heated radiator and ran out the room, across the hall, to find a locked bathroom. "Junior!" I shouted, banging the door with my knuckles. Adam was probably in there, messing about with his hair. "AJ get out of there, I need to shower!" I protested. All I hard was a muffled voice and the door unlocking a couple of minutes later. "Took your time" I whispered, when he came out. AJ gave me a disgusted look and paced himself to his room. Pushing my thoughts to the back of my mind, I rushed inside the bathroom ready for a relaxing shower.

Within an hour, I was washed, dried and straightened my hair and in fresh clothes. My makeup was, quick and simple with eyeliner and a flick of mascara. I found it interesting how my hair colour was black, yet it was my favourite colour. Nope, I'm not a goth, don't get me wrong, I love black and I was wearing a black blouse and skinny jeans, but I definitely wasn't a goth. I added a gold chain necklace and some perfume to give my look a sweet scent and added black and white converse. When I was satisfied, I grabbed my school bag and ran downstairs to the kitchen to find; dad reading a newspaper with a coffee, Adam eating frantically, and Ben talking to mom through the kitchen doorway. "Hello" I greeted them, but just watched them mumble for a reply, how charming.

"Oh it's great to see you guys too" I rolled my eyes and plopped my bag on the floor. I entered the kitchen, and picked up Mango, our ginger cat, from the floor. Once the cat was purring, I set him down on the floor and greeted my mom. "Hey mom" I smiled, whilst grabbing bread and placing it in the toaster. "Hey sweetie" she kissed my cheek and turned the kettle on, "tea or coffee?" She asked, "coffee?" I replied more like a question as mom nodded. Minutes later, I was sat opposite dad at the table, eating my toast and drinking the black coffee to wash it down with. Yes you heard right. The coffee was black. "You guys are gonna miss the bus" mom stated walking into the dining room with a bowl of porridge in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, and not to mention the same newspaper dad was reading under her arm. I swear they always had two of everything.

Looking at the clock on the wall, the time read 8:37 which meant school started in less that half an hour. The bus was due to arrive outside our house in three minutes, and if the driver didn't see us there, he would carry on driving. I knew AJ would be late anyway, but that didn't matter as I saw the time turn to 8:38. "Shit, got to go now then" I laughed, picking up a apple from he fruit bowl, followed by my bag. "Bye" my parents called. I slammed the door behind me, and rushed down the stairs, throwing the gate open on my way to the bus stop. When I stopped at the bus stop just outside our house, I noticed Ben stood there, shuffling his feet along the ground.

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