Demi's POV

"What the hell are YOU doing here?!" I whispered, not wanting Niall to hear anything.

"Can I just talk to you for a second?" Wilmer asked and I pushed him outside, and closed the door.

"I missed you. " he tried to hug me but I ignored him.

"Tell me what do you want." I said upset.

"I need a place to stay for awhile. Uh,  I had a fight. With my family. They threw me away. Said don't wanna see me anymore." Wilmer looked down.

"And you came here? Wilmer, I still don't know why you live at home. Shit keeps happening to you there." I came closer to him.

"Yeah, and now I don't have a home anymore. I had no place to go Dem." he explained.

"That's bullshit. What about Emily? You know your aunt? She lives near my place. Tell me the truth, NOW." I was getting angry again.

"Okay maybe, just maybe this has something to do with my need of being with you. 'Cause I love you. And I need you." Wilmer sighed.

"Oh, Wilmer.. Not happening." I answered like a cold bitch.

"Demi please.." Wilmer begged, came closer to me and tried to kiss me. Our lips touched each other but right away I pushed him away.

"WILMER!" I yelled and he looked sad.

"We are gonna call your aunt right now, and if you are not going to do that - grown man - i'm going to do that for you." I said and grabbed my phone.

Niall's POV

I watched some dumb as movie from  TV and looked at the clock. Demi's been there for awhile. Maybe I should check if she's alright. I started walking towards the door and heard Demi's voice.

" can't just always come back to your ex-girlfriend's arms if something shitty happens!" 

Ex-girlfriend? Who the hell was she talking to? Then I heard steps, Demi was coming back inside. I ran as quickly as I could back to the sofa and acted like I knew nothing.

"Who was that babe?" I pretended to yawn.

"Oh just Miley." she answered. Liar. I thought to myself.

"What did she want?" I asked and she sat next to me.

"She thought she left her phone here so came looking for it." Demi told. Damn, if I didn't know the truth I would absoulutely believe her. She's fucking good at this.

"So why did you take so long out there?" I knew I was going to win this now.

"We're girls, Niall. You can't expect us to work in 5 minutes." she giggled. 

I freezed. She's totally too good at this lying shit. 

"Right." I nodded and looked at her with a full poker face.

"Sooo.. what are we watching?" she cuddled next to me and looked at the TV.

"I don't know, it's some stupid movie. But I'm tired anyways, I'll go upstairs." I told.

"What? Ni you can take naps here!" she smiled and winked.

"No I don't want to bother you. Good night." I said and Dems looked at me with a confused face. 

If she was gonna play this game, I was gonna play it better.

Demi's POV

I woke up in the morning from the sofa, I guess I slept the night there. I looked for Niall's warm body next to me, but it wasn't there. Then I remember yesterday. He was weird and cold to me. Oh and Wilmer came here. Then it hit me. What if Niall heard and got upset cause I lied about the person I talked to? But he couldn't hear that.. 

"Good morning." I heard somebody say behind me. It was Niall. No smile, no kiss - just 'good morning'. There was something shitty going on here.

"Ni what's your problem?" I got sick of his game. 

"Whatcha talkin' about Demi?" he smiled evily through his teeth, I could see it.

"Okay tell me why are you upset." I sighed.

"I am fi -" he started but I stopped him.

"Niall. Now." I told and made him sit next to me.

"Why don't you tell me?" Niall said, looking right into my eyes.

"What should I tell you?" I asked with my eyebrows raised.

"Why did you lie to me?" his voice got more quiet.

"About what?" I answered.

"Don't act stupid, Dee. About you talking to Miley yesterday. I heard you." Niall got all angry.

The living room hasn't got this quiet since forever, and I totally freezed. How the fuck did he hear? 

"Niall.." I started talking and he wouldn't let me.

"Why did you talk about you being an ex-girlfriend to that person? Who was that?" Niall looked extremely jealous.

"Ni it was Wilmer. It was him, okay? He asked for HELP. Nothing more." I kinda lied, but told the truth at the same time.

"Nothing happened?" he asked, confused.

"Promise." I nodded.

"Okay." Niall smiled like a little boy.

"Now can I please get a kiss?" I made a puppy face.

"For now on you have to be a good girl to get kisses, can you do that?" he took my face to his hands.

"Yes." I giggled.

Then we shared a long passionate kiss.

"I'm gonna make us some breakfast." I said.

"Dem you are a horrible chef." Niall laughed.

"I know.. But I'll make you a sandwich?" I blushed.

"Sounds good to me, my little cheaf." he said.

Niall's POV

I chuckled at her and then turned the TV on. I noticed Demi's phone was on the table and it said 1 message. I looked at the kitchen and saw she was cooking and singing at the same time. She wouldn't notice if I quickly checked the message then put it away. 

I opened it as fast as I could and right away my smile faded away.

"Sorry about yesterday. I shouldn't have done that. I don't regret the kiss thought, don't get me wrong. See you tonight.x - W" 

What the fuck was this.

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