Chp-8# What's the thing..???

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The lectures are over and I find Cole and Nichole missing.

"Kate you saw where they went..?",I askd her anxiously.

"Umm...nop..sorry..",she replied.

I pick my bag and heed towards the gate having no clue about anyone of them. At the gate I find Harry pass by with a girl on his bike who was just stuck close to him as a magnet..! Huh..!! Let it be. I better go home.

As I open the door to my surprise dad's home early today.

"Hey my sweetie was your day...?" ,he asks hugging me.

"Not so good daadaa..",I say going upstairs.

I call Cole but he simply dosen't answer it. This has never happened before. But why am I thinking about Cole so much..?! The thing what Kate told me is driving me crazy..!! Nichole is a flirt but she is nice ,she is my best friend after all.

*phone rings* Its Cole on the other side. I answer the call within a fraction of second.

I- Hey Cole where's u..?

Cole- Where are you Bella..?? I was waiting for you in the college after giving notes to Nichole from the library.

I- Oh...I thought you I came home.

Cole- No issues. I need to meet you now. I want to tell you something. Something which I wanted to tell you ever since we met. Please will you come at 'Jimmy's dining boutique' with me for dinner tonight..??

I- I'm really sorry but my dad is home tonight after a long time so I need to wait home. We will meet tomorrow sure..? ok...?

C- Umm...ok then..tomorrow morning I'll come to pick you up to college.

I- Ya cool.

C- Bye Bell...takecare..cya..

I- Bye...

What will Cole have to tell me..? Is he happy with Nichole..? Does he love her too...? Well if....

"Bella...come down for dinner dear..."

I hear dad shout which stops my mental processing which is going on. I go downstairs and we sit for dinner. I talked with dad after a long time today. He told that he had to go out of town for a week due to some work and so came early home today as he was leaving early morning the next day.

I go up my room and open my facebook account to find pics of Harry with some girls, enjoying at some other random party. Oh this jerk..!

Tomorrow I got to meet Cole. Umm....I'll ask him about Nichole...or maybe he will only tell me about it. Let's see....

and I switch off the light and go to bed.


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