chapter 2: one too many

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after what seemed like an hour I looked up to see Chelsea running out of teases room. "you inconciterite pain in my ass!" Chelsea yelled and slammed the door of Tess's room, "well that's not the only thing up your ass these days!" Chelsea grabbed her jacket, mumbled a few words then looked at me and said "I need air take care of them" she slammed the door behind her as she did so Tess came downstairs and she ran towards the kitchen. I followed a and helped her put ointment on her cuts, "I'm sorry about the table" she said her voice croaked as she looked down at the cuts, "I hated that thing anyway" I reasured her, I went to the freezer and took out a huge bucket of chocolate ice cream that was meant for next week and went into the cabinet and took four spoons I then opened the ice cream and took a spoon and began to eat it non stop. we all sat down on the carpet in the living room and finished the ice cream, I felt a pinch of pain hurt it was like something I've never felt before but it numbed quickly so I ignored it and continued to stare into space.

the next morning I awoke with mike in my bed, he was such an angel when he slept. I left his side and went to check if Chelsea was home when she wasn't I assumed she spend the night at bri's as usual but then I turned the TV on and switched the local news on and saw the breaking news and the pictuemre was Chelsea NO IT CANT BE! I thought I grabbed my phone and dialed her number I did this thousands of times but not once did I get an answer, I continued to watch the news when I saw her car and the paramedics carrying her body into a truck I froze and dropped to the ground and burried my fave into my hands. when mike came in with Tess I shut off the TV and told Tess to turn the news on in Nicole's room and watch it in her ear. she obeyed and 10 minutes later I heard her punching bag getting beat up. I placed mike in his high chair and ran upstairs to see Tess punching the bag and I came to her and pulled her hands away from the bag, "did u take them?" "no" I grabbed the pills for her uncontrollable rage from her dresser and watch her as she swallowed them. we went to Nicole's room to find her face in a pillow, I sat on the side of her bed and rubbed her back she turned around and said "why? what did we do wrong?" "I don't know all I know is that we need to be strong and safe if u won't do it for me do it for mom and dad and Chelsea" she nodded and wiped her tears away with her sleeve. I lead them downstairs but didn't follow instead I went to my fathers room and clicked the special button behind his dresser that lead to his secret weapon dry I only knew about it because it held my weapons too. I grabbed my bow and arrows along with two hand guns and 3 knifes. I placed them on my bed and packed my bag and placed some clothes inside. I changed into a black tank top with my black leather jacket and my black jeans and my black combat boots, I placed the knives in my boots and threw the bag over my shoulder along with my sack of arrow and my bow. I came downstairs and told Tess and Nicole to go and get some clothes in a bag along with a bag for mike. I took dads car and drove to the woods that was 30 yards away from our house I parked the var in the middle of the forest and placed a tracker on it in case. I lifted mike and placed him on a rock and said "Tess was right okay there is someone after us that's why we are going to stay hidden for a while just think of this as a  vacation please just listen to me and we'll be fine" we walked for a while until the sun started to set then I told Tess and Nicole to make a fire and heat up the food I  brought but I knew it wouldn't be enough to last a week so I left them and went hunting. I turned around instantly to the noise of a brach cracking under someone's weight. I drew my bow ready to shoot when a figure jumped down from the tree above me I drew my bow and shot.

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