Cole labrant imagine

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I've been married cole LaBrant for a few years now 4 to be exact I herd the door slam shut it was 3:00 In the damn morning why the hell is cole coming Home this late ugh "hey baby what are you doing still up" cole asked "oh I don't know waiting for my husband what did you think" I said very bitchy "I'm sorry babe I was with Baylor we were playing video games I'm really sorry" cole said "wow cole really you have three kids and your out till 3:00 a.m. cole" I said "WELL IM SOOO FUCKING SORRY I NEED A BRAKE FROM YOU" he yelled he never yells and what he said hurt me "fine cole then you know what I think it's time or a divorce" I said with tears rolling down my cheeks not knowing that our little 5 year old was in here "WHAT WHY JE-" cole was cute off by autumn "mommy daddy why I thought y'all loved us so why are you hurting us" she said tears falling down her cheeks but before cole could grab her she ran into her big brothers room to go wake him up "jake jake JAKE WAKE UP" she screamed "what what's wrong" he said tired "mommy and daddy are gonna get a a a divorce" she cried into her brothers shoulder " cole I'll be back I need to go talk to autumn you you need to talk to jake please Brandon is at his friends house ok I I I I love you cole" I said " I love you to

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