Finding Myself

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Chapter 2

Sooner Or Later, My Step Dad Broke Up The Fight. My Ma Was Pissed The Fuck Off! She Called Me All Kinds Of Bitches & Hoes. She Claims She Was Fed Up With All My Bullshit. Now I'm Just Like Homeless. I Cannot Believe This Damn Crackhead Ass Bitch Put Me Out. I Have No Fucking Where To Go. A Pimp Name Slick Back Saw Me With My Stuff Standing Outside Of The Apartment Building And He Asked Me Would I Like To Live With Him Since I Had No Place To Go. Without Thinking Twice I Said Yes & Followed Him To This Duplex House. He Told Me That One Side Was For Him, The Other Side Was For His Hoes. His Side Was Very Nice And Colorful. He Had Money So He Gave Me $500 & He Said "Tomorrow You Should Go Shopping ". I've Never Had So Much Money Before Or So I Thought. I Realized I Love Money And I Wanted More. I'll Do Anything For Money. One Day A Pimp Name Slick Back Asked Me Do I Want To Make Like 1,000 Of Dollars. He'll Yeah I Did. The Next Thing I Know Is That I Was Being Walked To The Other Side Of The House. I Walked Inside And Seen Women Walking Round Naked And MakeUp & Wigs All Over The Floor. One Of These Women Stood Out The Most To Me, Her Name Was Ruby. Ruby Walked Up To Me With Her Bare Ass Showing. She Was So Damn Sexy. Her Figure Was Perfect. She Told Me She'll Teach Me Everything I Need To Know. I Learned All I Needed To Know Within One Week. The More Time I Spent With Ruby I Started To Think I Loved Her. I Even Slept In The Same Bed As Her. One Night I Started Kissing On Ruby's Neck Then Made It All The Way To Her Pussy. She Was Moaning And Didn't Stop Me. I Kept Going, Sticking My Tongue Deeper & Deeper In Her Clit. She Started Getting Louder. Then She Said "I'm Cuming Stop, Stop, Stop! " I Stopped & Started Sucking On Her Nipples While Fingering Her With 3 Fingers. She Cumed All On My Fingers Then I Stuck My Fingers In Her Mouth. She Did Me The Same Way I Did Her But Better. She Ate Me From The Back And Ate My Ass . I Loved It. We Made This A Every Night Thing. Until.......

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