Chapter 13- Stepping Into the Danger Zone

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Niall and I spent a week pinpointing every possible location that he could be at. We finally narrowed it down to 2 places. “Ok, he’s either in the open field by the airport or in that old storage house” I said. “Well, thinking logically, you’d think he’d be in the field near the airport, but he wouldn’t leave himself out in the open like that, he needs shelter” Niall said. “Well yeah…but I’m not so sure he’s hiding out in that storage house” I said. “He has to be, come on, let’s make a move now before it’s too late” he said. “Niall, we have a week” I said. “I don’t care, I wanna find that bastard now and lock him behind bars for the rest of his life” he said. I sighed, I looked up into the sky. “Anna, are you there? Help us out a little, where is he?” I asked. I heard her from above. “Niall, Rae, there is an old, abandoned house in those open woods. Where do YOU think he is?” she asked. I turned to Niall. “An abandoned house…just like where Anna was found” I said. “That has to be where he is…he’s in those woods!” he yelled. Niall and I grabbed our phones and ran out of the hotel. “Ok, you have the Mullingar Police Department’s phone number in case you need to call them over here right?” I asked. He nodded. “Alright, the field is only a 5 minute walk, let’s get going” I said. We walked for 5 minutes until we reached the field. “Ok, now how far into the field is this house supposed to be?” I asked. “Um…right there” he said. I looked ahead and saw the house. “I’m literally blind” I said. “Come on, let’s head in there” he said. “Wait, what if he’s in there?” I asked. “Find anything we can use as a weapon and take him on” he said. I sighed. “I hope you know what you’re getting us into” I said. “It’ll be fine, let’s go” he said. We walked up to the door. I grabbed the handle and slowly turned it. I opened the door slowly, I peeked inside. There were cobwebs all over everything, I cringed. “Ew, it’s disgusting in here” I said. “See anyone?” he asked. “Nope, I think we’re clear” I said. I opened it all the way and Niall and I walked in. He closed the door behind him, he looked around the room we had entered, which looked like the living room. “Let’s start looking around for anything suspicious” he said. Niall walked into the other room, I looked around the living room. There were no signs that anyone had been there, none at all. Suddenly, I heard Niall call out. “Rae!” he yelled. I ran into the hallway where he was. “What’s wrong Niall?” I asked. “Look” he said. He pointed to the ground, I looked down and saw a dry, bloody footprint. I looked up, there were more footprints leading into another room. “The blood is dry” I said. “It must be old, but not too old to the point where it wouldn’t be here anymore” he said. “You don’t think…its Anna’s?” I asked. “It must be” he said. “But…Anna wasn’t murdered” I said. “I know, she died of de-hydration, but she was cut up a little bit above her right eye, it could be from that. The police found a puddle of blood from the cut on the floor” he said. “Then that’s probably it” I said. I looked at the trail. “The footprints lead into that room…should we go look?” I asked. “What choice do we have?” he asked. We walked up to the door, I turned the knob, but it wouldn’t open. “It’s locked” I said. “You think there’s a key around here somewhere?” he asked. “Probably, let’s look” I said. Niall and I looked all over the house until we finally found a key in the living room. I’m pretty scared to find out what’s behind that door.

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