Taylor Caniff's sister

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Hi i guess i need to introduce myself

im Stephanie Canniff , i have long brown hair up to the middle of my back

i have green eyes and i am about 5"5 tall

i like skateboarding , beanies , snapbacks , ....

I woke up to the beeping sound of my alarm.

Today was the first day of summer yay .

I got up and took a shower.

I put on a white crop top that said "they see me rollin" in black .

and some black high wasted shorts and a pair of white toms

and of course a black beanie

I put on some i liner and some lipglos

I went downstairs and ate some waffels for breakfast

After i was done eating Taylor came in

"Goodmornin big bro. "

"Hey lil sis , my magcon friends are spending the summer here is that okay for you ? " he asked

"Yeah " i replied

My mom and dad were always busy with work so they were never home

I mostly hang out with boys

All my friends are boys , i'm lucky arent i but seriously i don't like any of them

i only like Jake

Jake is one of my BFF's

I went into my boyish room and watched a movie on netflix

Halfway through the movie i heard some footsteps so i acted like i was asleep

the door opend

"Umm.... Taylor who's this girl lying on you're bed ? " a guy asked , he thought my room was Taylors hahah no

"Guys that's not my room that's my sister's room " Taylor said

"Wow it looks like a guys room . " another guy said

i decided to scare them so i screamed while i sat up

They al jumped in the air

"What the hell Stephanie !!! " taylor yelled

" what ? ^ _ ^ " i said innocent

"so guys this is Stephanie my sister , Stephanie this is Nash , Cameron , Matthew , Shawn, Brent , Carter and Hayes " he introduced all of them

authors note

srry its llike a short chapter just been busy with life
life is hard.

bye gotta go love ya guys

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