In the Darkness if the Night

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Julian's POV

I sit on the balcony listening to the quiet radio, the small, cream colored envelope in my hand. I almost try not to look at it, but it's been 7 Years since I've opened it. I slowly open it, just like I did when I was 14. I look at the peice of paper. It's slightly worn, and the softly shaped letters dance along the paper.

To My most precious Julian,                 October 26th 1999

Today the doctors told me that I was lucky that I was still alive, and I would need a miracle to save me. I dread the day that I will have to leave you, your sister and your mother.

I remember the day you were born. Madison was only 2, she stayed with her grandmother and came to see you the next day. Your mother always said that she saw a beautiful life in your eyes, she saw success and happiness and I see that too.

I will miss your mother and sisters greatly, as I know they will miss me. I ask you to be strong, protect the family. Comfort them. You will grow up to be Amazing. I know it.

I love you. So Much. But trust that I will be watching over you.

        With love,

Your father, Robert Hemmingway

I sigh. One thing I never understood why he wrote sisters though. Maybe it was a "typo" or maybe he had so much medicine that he wasn't thinking straight. I wipe away my tears and head to bed. It's been a long day.


I lay half asleep on my soft comfortable bed. I'm very tired with the events of the past week, not to mention my allergies went into hyper active mode so the medicine makes me very drowsy. I look up at the ceiling and sit and watch it. It's still yet moving. I glance over at the clock.


I sigh and turn over. As I'm falling asleep I can't help feeling a strange presence in the room. Like- someone was in the house...

I walk out into the living room and see nothing. I grab a glass of water and sit on the couch. I turn on some boring tv. Maybe I'll be bored to sleep. I sigh, knowing that I'm hopeless for any sleep and accept that I'll probably sleep half the day tomorrow. I stand up just to be met with an excruciating pain in my back. I collapse on the floor.

"I told you you couldn't escape from me Julian"

My world goes black.

Sorry for the short chapter.

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