Chapter 15

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Tobi's POV

When I wake up, I decide to go for a walk to the park. I make my way there but a red mustang pulls up beside me and its not Bob or Randy. These Socs want to kill Greasers without another thought unlike Bob and Randy.

I try to ignore their nasty and disturbing comments towards me but one of them gets out of the mustang and stands in front of me, blocking my path to the park.

"Can I help you?" I ask and roll my eyes.

"Yeah. I've been meaning to get a new punching bag. But with you, Ill have a punching bag and a new sex toy." The Soc says and smirks at me.

I roll my eyes again and try to walk past him but he grabs my arm.

"Back the FUCK off!" I yell but it doesn't do anything because no one is around.

He smirks and pulls me closer to him. The other two Socs get out of the car with smirking faces also. I try to reach for my switch blade but I'm limited on space right now since this guys body is pressing against me.

"HEY! Let her go you dumb fuck bastards!" I hear some one shout.

The voice is to high to be a guy. Girl to the rescue?

The three Socs start laughing as a blonde girl with blue eyes comes stomping over to them. She is wearing jean booty shorts and a blue v neck.

"Oh yeah? What's a little shrimp like you gonna do about it?" The Soc that's holding me says with laughter in his voice. The blonde girl smirks at him.

"Don't underestimate me. You'll regret it." The blonde girl says and glares at him.

"Boys, get her!" The Soc yells.

His two friends start to approach her but as one is about to grab her, she cuts his arm with her switch blade! He screams in agony and backs up holding his arm.

The second guy goes to get her with his blade but she dodges his swig and stabs his ankle. He falls to the ground and whimpers. I stomp on the Socs foot that's holding me and he lets me free. I turn to him and punch him in his face, he falls and soon has a red crimson color running down his face from his nose.

"Guys. Lets go. Greasers, you better watch your back." The leader Soc says.

The girl and I watch as the three Socs get in their car and drive away. Once they are gone I then turn to the girl.

"Thanks for savin' me. Got a name?" I ask. The girls turns to me and smiles.

"Anytime and I'm Taylor." The blonde says. Nice name.

"I'm Tobi. Wanna hangout at my friends place?" I ask because she does seem pretty cool and screw goin to the park.

Taylor nods and we start walking to the Curtis house. We both pull out a cig and light them up and talk about stuff and tell each other stuff about us.

Once we arrive at the Curtis, me and Taylor can't stop laughing! I walk into the house with Tay behind me. I notice Soda, Steve, Pony, Johnny, Two-bit and Darry watching tv or shoving chocolate cake in their faces.

"Hey guys. This is Taylor. She saved my ass from gettin killed by some dumb fuck Socs." I tell em' and smile. They all turn to Tay and say 'hi' or 'hey' and one 'Heyyyyy Girllll' from Soda.

"Taylor, This is Steve, Ponyboy, Johnny, Two-bit, Darry, and Sod-" I tell her and point to everybody but Soda cuts me off.

"I'm Sodapop Curtis. Nice to meet ya!" Soda says and slings his arm around her.

Taylor blushes and giggles. Soda just won her over.... oh my..

Tay and I walk over to the couch and sit. I sit on Pony's lap and Tay sits next to Soda. We all talk and everybody seems to like Taylor. Someone is missing..... but who?.....

After thinking for awhile, I notice Dallas isn't here.

"Hey where'd Dally go?" I ask. Steve looks over to me.

"He got locked up. Him and Shepard got into a fight and Dallas cut up Tim pretty bad." Steve explains. I shrug my shoulder and Taylor gives me a questioning look.

"Dallas is my brother. Dallas Winston." I tell Taylor, her eyes widen like fucking soccer balls.

"Dallas Winston? That little bitch tried hitting on me! After I told him to fuck off, he got Buck to kick me out!" Taylor says loudly. We all look at her shocked.

"Who knew that ol' Dally can be such an ass...." Two-bit says and starts humming a tune and dancing around like a retard.

We all start laughing and then Soda and Steve start arm wrestling and betting in their smokes and cash. We all hangout until midnight comes around and Tay says she's got to go home.

"Alright I gotta get going but we are gonna hang again." Tay says and smiles. We hug goodbye and I tell her to come back over tomorrow.

"Ill walk ya home!" Soda yells and rushes to Taylor's side. Tay nods and before Soda is all the way out the door, he winks and we start laughing again.






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