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Peters POV
I cant belive i let Hook take the tresuure ,,,, no worries i rule this island and i am sure to get it back, i said thinking to myslef about all the devious and tourterous ways to get back at Hook, i sat there smirking at the thought it when i was interupted by felix .
"Pan , some of the lost boys are,,, concerned ,, about Raven, and why we arnt coming up with a plan to get her back." i scoffed at Felix "why on Neverland would we try to get her back , she was here less then 24 hours , she showed no skill the lost boys dont have and she is a SHE , you know what happened last time a girl came Neverland !"
Peter had stood up by this point and was center meters from his face, pacing around him as he spoke .
" why would you wish that upon us again besides she's not our problem " peter then walked away towards his thinking tree and left it at that.

Felix'x POV
i dont get it , i saw what happened at dead mans cave , i saw how Peter reacted when Raven got caught, even if it was only for a moment, why wouldnt he want to save her, she's nothing like the last girl that came to Neverland . She's kind, smart and should stop now because i know Pan has the ability to know everything, and in Neverland you could risk that happening , Pan wouls take all your emotions and magnify them , reveling then and leaving you stripped. why would Hook take Raven anyway? she hasnt been hee long enough for Pan to care and like pan said she dosnt have any skills the lost boys dont have, unless Hook knows something about her that we done , that would explain why the shadow brought her her.
Ravens POV
i sat on the edge of Hooks bed with Mr Smee , Suprisingly Hooks room wasnt as extravagent as i thought , it mostly contained black and red , the floor was wooden , to the rigt there were small chester draws, beside it were multiple black boxes lined with ribbion , my curiosity couldnt help but wonder what was inside and what they were used for. , the curtains covering the window opposite the bed were red and his duvette was black . very cheerful i thought to myself . "Mr Smee "i said timidly , " how did Hook know my name, i never told him " Mr Smee's blood drained from his face and he began to sweat , "um um um " he got up and began to fidgit," ya ya you " he said with a stutter "you need not concern yourself with such matters" the moments he finished his sentances he promptly said goodbye and left .
things were getting weird and more than usual in neverland. I laid down on Hooks bed just for a moment just so I could get some rest before Hook would ask me to do who knows what. i closed my eye and dreamt of home how loved and secure i felt ,,,,before all of this happened , now i was a shell, empty the life that was once mine taken from me within a couple of days. i had to face facts , life was never going to be the same again. and i needed to adapt.
Mr Smee woke me up and hurried me out to the crew where they were having breakfast. "Ah Raven nice of you to join us love , tell me did you sleep well in my bed " i suddenly realised and didnt know how to reply so i squeaked out "yes thank you"
"come take a seat "Hook ordered " crew listen up " he waited for them to settle down before speaking "this is Raven she'll be staying with us for a while" there was a mixed responce from the crew , some cheered and others groaned " dont mind them" Mr Smee said coming and sitting next to me " they just think its bad luck to have a women on the ship, superstision i am sure" Mr smee then returned to collecting food and putting it on his plate before devouring it , i noticed that he had two black eyes and a very brused nose from where i hit him.
"Hook" i was determined t find out how hook knew my name and my mum.
"Captain Hook" he said correcting me
"Captain Hook"
"yes love "
"ive been meaning to ask you" i was so nervous i had a swarm of butterfky's in my stomach and felt queasy" I've been wondering about a few things I've noticed since coming onto the ship"
"And what might they be love?" Hooks deep brown eyes were searching me , looking for information about who i am " well" get on with it , he's goig to loose intrest and leave if you dont spit it out , i thought to myself " 1) how do you know my name i never told you 2) why did you capture me and 3) how did you know my mother " i said puulling out the picture i had previously found and slid it across the table to Hook. the blood drained from his face as he continuously examined the photo. " i dont think it be best to talk about it here, with the crew, follow me" he said cautiously he took me into his quarters once more " your mother and i met when we were children, we were inseprible , we grew up together"Hook sounded as if he was reminicing " we spent a lot of our time pretending what it would be like to travel the world . when we got a bit older that's what we did , we sailed the sea's exploring all the different country's. your mother and I were extreamly close we were together for years,,, then one day she said that she couldnt travel anymore and that she needed to settle down, get a house and a job . now i , i wanted to continue traveling the world having adventures. Because of this, your mother and i had to part ways and say goodbye . after your mother left, traveling the world wasnt as much fun. so i looked her up and travelled to England to see her, continue where we left , and then i saw her in the park with a baby ,,, she had already moved on . That night the shadow visited me , said that i had never seen anywhere like neverland and that there would constantly be adventures, so i went with him and now i am here .maybe if i had never gone back things would be different , maybe i would have a family a life .i would still have both hands and people would still call me James rather than Hook that was around 16 years ago"
James Hook , i gasped at the realisation , before my mother died when we tried to get in contacted with my father she told me his name was James Hook . could Hook really be my father, mum never mentioned him, but then again no other James Hook's in England knew my mother!
" where is your mother now" hook said choking on his words. i was going to have to break the news to Hook that my mother had died and that was something neither of us could bear. so insted i looked at my feet as tears began to fill my eyes." oh.. i see. Tell me Raven your father, did he make your mother happy ?" If Hook really was my father he was about to figure it out. " I never knew my father, my mum allowed me to look for him , but there were no James Hook's in England that had met my mother"
" your mother told you , your fathers name was James Hook ?! "
"yes" i whisperd . Hook was taken back by what i had just said he looked as if the wind had been knocked out of him . I didnt know what to think i found my father who i had searched for , forever and he was standing the gauping and the fact he had a daughter. " How old are you again? " Hook asked
" i am 16 " Hook was still in disbelief , great, " I am sorry i stuttered, "ill leave, it was nice " "no you wont love" i was interupted by Hook " i just found you and i am not going to loose you " i was relieved but anxious .


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