“Kim, wake up.” I heard someone scream on the other side of my door. 

“Coming” I screamed back.

I pulled out of the sheets and walked to the bathroom. I put my glasses on and walked to the kitchen where the guys were eating toasts. I made myself some and ate them quickly. We all got back to our rooms where we changed up. I hurried to put my contacts on and since it was cold, I decided to put a snood. When I came out of my bedroom I saw Jack and Finn on their phone, seated on the couch. They were looking quite good. (Jack=red Finn=blue) Both of their head looked up at me, a smile appearing on both of their faces. I grabbed my bag and threw my shoes on. The guys did the same and we all left the room. My bodyguards automatically glued there selves to my ass. Jack, Finn and I all jumped in a taxi. One of the bodyguards was about to oppose himself, but the taxi left before he had time to do it. The drive to the place we were going took about 10 minutes. Jack came out first and helped me out. I thanked him and started to walk away when I got blinded by flashes of cameras. I threw my sunglasses on and got leaded by Finn and Jack. We quickly made it inside, and I followed them inside. They knocked on a door, and someone opened it. My eyes grew wide when I recognized Tyler Oakley. I am such a fan of his videos. (True fact) He welcomed the guys and then looked at me. He waved at me, without recognizing me. I still had my glasses and my beanie. 

“Which one is your boyfriend?” He asked, pointing to both of them.

“None, I’m single at the moment.” I said, giggling.

“And what’s your name sweetheart?” He asked.

I heard Jack and Finn giggling in the background.

“I’m Kimberley-Jayla R.Bieber.” I said, pulling my sunglasses out of my face and my snood out of my neck.

His face was priceless. I heard the twins laughing behind Tyler.

“Why didn’t you guys told me it was her? I acted like a crap.” Tyler said, turning around and hitting both of the guys.

“You were just as I hope you would.” I said.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, nothing… Anyway, I’m such a fan of your stuff, and I was wondering if you would take a picture with me.” I said, smiling.

“OMG, can I?” He asked his eyes growing wide.

“Yes, please!!!” I said, pleading him.

“Sure, but you take one with me after.” He said.


We handed both of our phones to Jack and Finn, and they took a few pictures of the both of us. They finally handed us back our phone, and I went on Twitter.

@Kimberley_R.Bieber : Just met the incredible тyler oαĸley he is so handsome :O #wow.     

The 3 of us sat on the couch, and Tyler started to ask me who was my favorite youtubers without counting him and the twins.

“Well, I really like Marcus, Zoella and Alfie, but the cutest and the best is definitely Caspar.” I said.

They all nodded. Tyler suddenly stood up and blind folded me. He made me walk through a long hallway.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

Nobody answered. I loudly sighed, but continued to walk. Someone knocked on a door, and it quickly opened.

“Don’t say a word.” Tyler said.

“I was not even talking.” I said.

“And I was not even talking to you.” He said, making me blush.

How to be the Bieb's sister **Finished**Lisez cette histoire GRATUITEMENT !