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When I woke up I saw everyone in my room and the sun was shining in and it was blinding me.

C: Hi guys

When I talked it came out hoarse. Everyone turned there head to me and everyone was crying mostly Jesus. I noticed that I had a huge baby bump.

C: Whoa How long was I out

J: About 6 months

C: Oh god did u learn any thing about the baby

J: Well they are girls

C: Wait did you say they

J: Yes we are having twins

C: OMG can I get a drink please

L: Sure

C: So what happened with Lexi?

M: We aren't friends any more

J: She tried to kiss me

He said quietly but I still heard him.

C: I am going to hurt her next time I se her

J: Calm down it is not good for you or the girls. And we have to think of names

C: Ok when I am out of here we will think of names.

But the thing is I already know what I want to name one of them.

J: Ok that works for me

Lena walks in with a cup of water.

L: Sorry I couldnt find the water

C: Its okay but at least I have it now

I grab the water and I start to drink it.

C: I have an idea for one of the girls names

J: What is it

C: Well for the first name Stef and the middle name is Lena

I looked around and saw Lena and Stef almost with tears in their eyes

J: Thats a great idea babe

C: Thanks

I felt a kicks and I started to tear up.

L: What wrong

C: I felt a kick

They all came over to me and put there hand on my belly and I could tell they felt it because I felt it to.

C: Hey Jesus I am going to let you pick the name of the other girl name

J: Thanks babe

He came over and kissed me.

M: When did this happen

C: The day of the accident

M: Oh now I get why she pushed you down the stairs. She always had a crush on my brother. Wait is he the father?

J: Yes I am

M: Yes I am going to be a aunt

C: Yes you are

M: Ok that makes sense on why he went into the amblance with her and? being protective

C: So have you guys went to school

J: Its July and yes we have

C: In the beginning when I was still in a coma what were people saying about

J: Nothing really everyone was mostly talking about how Lexi was a bitch for pushing you down the stairs

C: And does anyone know that I am pregnant

J: Yes but everyone I know didnt say anything. Oh and another thing is Brandon and his girlfriend broke up and now he is dating...................

C: Who is he dating

I nearly screamed and then everyone look at me with worried look in there eyes

J: He is dating Lexi

C: What? Why would he date a monster like her?

J: I do not know. I think they just connected like we did

C: I see. Did this connection happen before or after you and her had the kiss incident?

J: Well it was before so now that I am thinking about she is probably doing this to get closer to me

C: Now that makes more sense than they had a connection. I have a question.

J: Shoot


The doctor than came in when he heard me scream that.

D: You can get out of here in one day and if you are going to summer school you should go in a wheelchair

C: Why

D: So that you dont have to walk that much and so that you can keep the weight off your feet

Exactly when he said he knew he said something wrong.

C: Did you just call me fat

I started to cry when I said it. Jesus came over to me and hugged me till I stop crying

J: It is time for you to leave Doc

D: Ok I think that is the best and when you are ready to leave you can

C: Thanks doctor

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