The station

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"Bet that's the village" Lucy's voice broke Delaney's delight as the train rolled into a station. Masria was a depressing little town with a few gray houses, a scattering of small stores, the chapel, and the large mansion that formally housed the dark guild the town was famous for. Delaney stood up, crossing her arms over her chest as the compartment doors slid open. She didn't like the feeling of this. Natsu, relieved to get off the train, crawled toward the door. 

"Wait" Kayra said in a hushed whisper. The team watched as she reached into the bag tied around her waist and removed a purple card. Its surface was royal blue with a white face marked with some sort of symbol. "Soul Summon: Natsu Dragneel" The card glowed the a purple casting circle before releasing a white light. Kayra threw it to the floor and out of it rose an exact copy of Natsu. 

"Crafty" Laxus muttered under his breath as the copy mimicked the real Natsu and crawled out the door. 

A loud boom echoed through the station as the copy was disintegrated in an explosion. Laxus grabbed Delaney by the waist, just in time to pull her down to the floor and avoide the shattering glass. She glanced up finding that most of them were on the ground. Gray had used a wall of ice to protect himself and Lucy. 

"We'll find another way out" Kagure said as she and Kaesha got to their feet. Erza nodded in agreement as she grabbed the real Natsu and pulled him away from the doors. 

"We could sneak out a window?" Lucy suggested. 

"Too risky" Erza shook her head. 

Delaney didn't hear the next suggestion as she watched Kayra walk across the room. The girl was fiddling with a card similar to the decoy one as she headed for the door that lead into the next compartment. Kaesha trailed after her, apparently having the same idea. The rest of the team of wizards turned to watch as Kayra pressed the card firmly against the door at the same time as Kaesha pressed her palm against it. The two of them were in a daze as they muttered something, causing their casting circles to project. A moment later the door opened to reveal the far side of the station. Delaney followed the others as they left through the door, finding themselves facing the east side of the small village. The two wizards had somehow created a doorway to the safety of this side. 

"How did you know to do that" Erza demanded as the two girls looked around. 

"It was like..." Kayra's voice drifted off as the glaze left her eyes. 

"A dream" Kaesha, Mysta, and Delaney finished for her. 

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