Foreign Language

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Where I woke up clearly wasn't normal.  It was a forest, yes, but there were tables strewn about in them.  Who would casually eat here, with the dangers of boars and wasps abound?  It was early morning or late evening, based on the sun.  I figured walking north would make me reach something in due time, but I did not expect it to be a few minute's walk.  The town I come across is certainly... interesting.  The only path I can see is ridden constantly by these fast machines racing across it.  Perhaps a new charr tank?  They certainly sound like something the Charr would make, but they seem.. oddly refined.  There are no random bits of metal protuding from it.  Everything is written in an odd language as well.  I do not think it is asuran or anything I know of.  In fact, the only way I can tell anything is of the symbols.  I am hoping that a place with a book symbol will give me information I need.

Not even a step inside, and a voice calls out from somewhere. 

"Welcome to the Pennsylvania State Library."

Pennsylviania State?  Where in Tyria is that?  I have never heard of any place called Pennsylvania State..  I hope that some of the books will help, at least a little.  Unfortunately, everything is in this odd language.  How am I to differ anything?  In a hope to determine something, I wander through the library to find something I may be able to use. 

Unfortunately, the library is much larger than I had ever imagined.  After a few hours of searching, a lady approaches me. 

"'Scuse me, but are you looking for something?"

 The lady behind me asked, almost annoyed.  She does not seem like she even wants to be here. 

"I am not sure what I am looking for exactly, but thank you for the offer."

She scoffs at that.  Had I said something wrong?  She turns, crossing her arms and walking away.


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