The first thing Harry heard as soon as he stepped back into Louis' flat with his luggage was Logan's giggles and the running water coming from her bathroom knowing Louis was giving her a bath to get her ready to go to sleep in her own bed even though Harry had told him he didn't mind her sleeping with them. Louis had immediately shot that option down not wanting it to become a habit of hers or she'll never want to sleep on her own ever again and they would have no alone time at all. He walked into the living room and subconsciously started picking up the DVD cases and toys littering the floor then moved onto the couches folding the blanket he and Louis had used leaving Logan's where it was or she would make a mess again trying to find it wanting them to give it to her when she couldn't find it even though they didn't had it either. He grabbed the dirty popcorn bowls and the cups heading to the kitchen where he rinsed them off before putting them in the dishwasher then bent down to pour water in the dog's bowl then headed back to the living room.

"You can put your stuff in my room and if you want to you can take a shower while I get her ready for bed." Louis quickly said running after a giggling Logan tightening her grip on the pink towel around her.

Harry smiled shaking his head in a fond manner grabbing his luggage walking to Louis' room where he abruptly realized he had never been in before as he slowly opened the door. The room was spacious like his own and the walls were a creamy color while Louis' walls were white. Their rooms were almost similar with the bathroom door next to the door where he was standing, his bed was pushed up against the wall opposite of the wall where he had a dresser and then a big window opposite of the bathroom doors.

"There are clean towels in the bathroom cabinet and just use whatever you need. Do you still have clean pajamas?" Louis walked in holding Logan's purple pajama shorts.

"Yeah, mum did my laundry even though I told her she didn't had to." Harry smiled taking his shirt off walking closer to Louis.

"Daddy, I'm sleeping in my undies?" Logan yelled from her room just as Harry had wrapped his arms around Louis' waist.

"No you're not." Louis yelled back pecking Harry's lips before he walked out leaving Harry alone to shower wearing the biggest smile.

After he was done showering he entertained Logan drawing together while Louis showered thankful that he had Harry there to keep an eye on her taking his time and not showering as fast as he could like he was used to. He got out of the shower noticing it was time for Logan to go to bed and after he was dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants and a loose t-shirt he walked to the living room finding Harry walking around with Logan in his arms trying to get her to fall asleep humming a foreign tune.

"She's asleep. Is she sleeping with us?" Harry whispered.

"No, she's sleeping in her bed or she won't ever want to sleep alone if we keep letting her sleep with us." Louis murmured taking her blanket and teddy bear motioning for Harry to follow him.

They walked into her room where Harry carefully tucked her in and Louis placed both items next to her kissing her forehead with Harry doing the same then turned off the light and walked out leaving the door half closed and her Woody night light on. He grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him towards his room closing the door letting go to pull the covers back not bothering to turn the light on since the lights outside his window were enough for him to be able to see a little. Harry then followed him to the bathroom where they brushed their teeth each using their own sink giving Louis the feeling that that's the way it was supposed to be, both of them doing that every night for the rest of their lives and never getting tired of it.

"We have an appointment for the DNA test tomorrow at ten then those ballet classes at eleven." Louis spoke getting under the covers followed by Harry who immediately wrapped his arms around his waist pulling him back against his warm naked chest.

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