How he fell for a crazy, weirdo like me

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Hi my names Destiny I'm 17 I have dark brown eyes  and a coke bottle figure, my moms black an mexican while my dads white.I guess you can say I'm the type of girl most would love but I'm not, most people keep their distance only getting close to make fun of me then leave when I get mad. Its a cycle really they make fyn of me then leave when Amanda yells at them then me alone for a week , Amanda has been my bestfriend  since 1st grade when Mandy Jones * Lucifers daughter* pushed me off the swiggs becuase she wanted it an that's the day god gave me maddy* my nickname for her an only me can call her that or else she's ganna punch you in the face, people are terrified  of her I don't know why though she's sweet as can be*  once she saw what Mandy did she almost killed her in front of me ever since then its been me and her against the world.

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