As I walk through the entrance door at the school, I see people in different groups. It's weird because in my old school, you could just grab somebody and be friends with them. Kind of like free friendship. But I have a feeling this is going to be alot different than New York.

"Look it's a newbie!" Someone said. I hope it wasn't me they was calling. I just keep walking and ignore them even if they're not bothering me.

'Just walk away' I tell myself.

I head my way to the main office. I notice that everyone is so busy. I walk to the front desk.

"Oh! You must be Zola Martinez! What a surprise!" said a lady with very short black hair. She's wearing a skinny violet dress with flowers designed on it. She's wearing a rectangular glasses that looks kinda cool.

"Umm... Yes. Yes I am." I say.

She gives me a piece of paper that has my schedule on it. It says 1ST PERIOD:DANCE. Great. Now I have to dance on my first period on my first day. Just great.

The bell rings and I hear everybody rushing through the hallways to go to their class. I go into the hallway and look at my schedule again. next to my first period class, it says ROOM:564. I look for 564. Nowhere. I see a person with a suit walking up the hallway. I look at that person in confusion. Then I notice it's the principle.

"Hello Zola Martinez. Do you need help?"

"Yes. Umm...Where's room 564?" I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

"Go down stairs to floor B1 and go to your right, then you'll find it." His voice sounds so brolic; I hate it.

"Thanks". I am so nervous every time I see him.

"Your welcome." Once I open the door, The long, brown haired girl pulled it back.

"Going somewhere?" She says it with a little attitude.

"Yeah I'm just going to my first period class." Now, I'm nervous. What if she pushes me again? What if she embarrass me?

"Well... just wanted to say to watch your back, cause he's mine." She says.

"What?" I try to act confused, but I guess I'm not that well of a liar.

"Oh you know what I'm talking about, Zola." Ok, since when does she know my name?

"How do you know my name?" I am really getting pissed off.

"Look around Zola, Your not to fit in. You don't belong here." I just stand there, having nothing to say.

"Like I said....Watch your back." And then she takes off with her cheer leading friends just laughing.

"How can this get worse!" I yell to myself.

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