The un-noticable

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I awoke abruptly by the destinctive sound of Zoe throwing up.

"Zoe are you ok? ... Please open the door."

I heard her unlatch the door and it slowly creaked open. I found Zoe sitting uncompfortably on the floor surrounded by tissue's.

"Its probably just because we had too much to drink last night. I dont know why your not the one with the hangover! You drank weigh more than i did."

"That may be so but im 'Alfie Deyes' human hangover repelent!"

"Can you repel mine then?"

"Im afraid not Miss Sugg my powers arn't that amazing! But i do suggest going to the doctors if this carries on ... NO ARGUING! Im worrying about you."

"Ok fine but im telling you its just a handover."

Zoe left the bathroom and sat on the bed watching T.V. I brought in some buttered toast and some water.

"Here eat this you'll feel better for it!"

"Ok ... thanks."

I gave her some paracetamol and it was quiet for a while untill she ran to the bathroom and shut the door.


"Thats it ... we're foing to the doctors!"

"But Alfie ....."

"I said no arguing!"

" Fine."


Once we got to the Doctors, we waied around 10 mins, in which Zoe threw up twice!

Finally they called out her name.

"Zoe Sugg ... calling Zoe Sugg."

We made our way over to the room displayed on the screen and slowly opened the door.

"Hello Zoe, what seems to be the problem today?"

"Well she's ....."

"I would like Zoe to awnser the questions Mr Deyes!"

"Alfie its ok i can talk."

"Well i've been throwing up a lot. Every half an hour or so!"

"When was the last time you any alchahol?"

"Last night, I think I had a bit too much though!"

"Roughly how much did you have?"


"Oh around half a pint."

"That cant be it then."

"Sir would you like to leave the room for a while I need to have a private chat with Zoe."

"Um Zoe are you ok with that Zo?"

"Yeh ... i'll be fine"

"Ok if your sure."

I was alone just with the doc for a while awnsering graphic questions.

Have you had  sex yet?"

"Yes ... last night."

The questioning stoped there and he handed me a small packet marked 'Zoe Elizabeth Sugg'. 1 use only. What could it be? I wondered.

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