Its Going Strong

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This Section There Will Be Two Different (P)oint (O)f (V)eiws

From Me(Mera) And Greg


Two Months Later

Months Past And I Say We Were Still As Happy As We Was When We First Got Together. She Was With Me EVERYDAY. She Was There At My School When Its Was Time For Me To Go Home. I Was Loving Us. People Hated Us Because Of The Bond We Had. But I Didn't Care. We Would Walk Down The Street Hand And Hand Kissed Whenever We Felt Like It And Didn't Care. She Spent Paper On Me And I Did The Same We Learned Alot About Eachother. It Wasn't Until There Was A BasketBall Game At My School. Usually Every time She's Down Here By My House She Would Call Or Text Me. But This ONE Particular Time She Didn't And When I Came To The Basketball Game I Walk Through The Stands With My Best Friend And As We Walk She Taps Me And Say Ain't That's Greg Down There. I Looked And Low And Behold AtbThe Bottom Of The Stands There Was Greg, Ashley(Greg's Day One), Meesha(Greg's Best Friend), Marlo (This Other Dike), And These Three Girls . None Of Them Belonged to Eachother And As We Walk Down The Bleachers Greg Looks Back And Says "Oh Shit" And Takes Off Running. I Was A Track Star In Middle School So She Knew She Could Not Get That Far. I Chase Her A Catches Her On The Second Floor And This What Was Said

Our Convo

Me: Greg I Should Slap You, Why Didn't You Tell Me You Was Down Here? We Could Have Came Here Together. What? You Came Here To Meet Yo Side Bitch?

Greg: Are You Serious ? The Girls I Was Sitting With I Came Here With Them. And I Didn't Think To Call You.

Me: Man W.e Getcho Ass Outtah My Face *Walks Away*


She Walks Away Mad At Me. I Really Didn't Do Anything. All I Did Was Cone To A Basketball Game. Well So She Im Not Gonna Kiss Her Ass. So As I Walk Back To The Top Of The Stands I See My Home Girl Stephanie And I Give Her A Hug Picking Her Up Spinning Her A Around. Then As I Look Up I See My Gf As She Look At Me As In She Was Hurt As Of What Just Transpired And She Turns Around And Left Out Of The Gymnasium. So I Ran After To See If She Okay. As Im Walking Out  I Look To My Right She Wasn't There I Look To My Left She Wasn't There  So I Ran By The Exit To See Her Walking Halfway Down The Street On Her Way Home . So I Ran To Catch Up With Her.


As I Walked Down The Street On My Way Home I Hear Foot Steps I Knew It Was Greg But I Didn't To Look Back. Finally She Catches Up To Me, Out Of Breathe And Says ...........

Greg: Bae Why You Leaving  ?

Mera: Oh I'm Bae Now After You Ignored Me The Whole Time. Then I See You Hugged Up On So Other Bitch. Man BYE

Greg: I'm Sorry


She Wraps Her Arms Around Me As I Freezing Cold And Says Again


Greg: Bae I'm Sorry !!!!

Mera: Okay Fine

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