Please Come Back!

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Lucy POV:

My eye fluttered open and my ears awoke to the sound of yelling and flashing. I sat up and rubbed my head taking in a deep breath. My eyes adjusted to the light and I was faced with a pink wall. Hung on the pink wall was a black and white painting, of Paris. Shelves hung up on the wall holding photo frames. Inside the photo frames a blonde girl was visible. She was featured in nearly every photo. She had big brown eyes and pale skin. That girl was me. I was in my room. 

I jumped out of bed and looked around. How was this possible? I was with Natsu last night there is no possible way that I could be here. I searched my closet and drawers but everything was in it's normal place. I placed my hands on my ears and shook my head. I must be dreaming right now. My fingers grasped some skin on my arm and the grip tightened as I pinched my arm. 

"Lucy" A blonde man barged through the door, his mustache neatly groomed, a blue fitted suit paired with black shoes was being worn by him. He approached me, his smile enlarging, his eyes widening and tears threatening to fall.

"Dad" I hugged him confused. He gripped onto me tightly burrowing his head into my shoulder. His eyes left wet stains on my top. 

"Whats going on?" I questioned as he took a step back whipping his tears.

"Natsu Dragneel admitted to kidnapping you" He took a breath in.

"What?" I was now extremely confused, last night I was with Natsu. He didn't kidnap me, I helped him. I should be with him right now.

"They haven't caught him but he left you hear" My father explained joy all over his face. He wrapped his arms around me once again.

"Are you ok? Did he hurt you in any way?" My fathers voice lowered.

"No I'm fine ..... I just need a moment alone" I requested my eyes finding the floor. I spotted my shoes, the same shoes I wore last night. I was wearing the same clothes. 

"Alright" My father granted my wish. He walked out of my room giving me a bittersweet smile.

The sound of a closing door triggered me to walk over to my pillow. If every storage space was where it was meant to be and had what it mean to have, then Natsu must of hidden something in plain sight. I slowly and cautiously slid my hand through the soft fabric. My hand came into contact with something hard and steel. I grasped the handle and pulled it out. Imminently I dropped the machine and covered my mouth. I held in my gasp and took a deep breath. 

It was a gun.

I picked up the weapon and got used to the feel. Turning it over I saw something white stuck in the bullet hole. My finger pulled it out, the thin hard paper was rolled up. Unrolling it I was faced with messy handwriting. It was a letter.

Hey Lucy

Sorry that I have to say goodbye here, I had a lot of fun with you.

You really helped me, but I'm afraid that things are starting to get complicated and serious and that's something I don't want you involved in.

 Looks like now I have an arrest warrant bigger then before huh, I'm wanted for murder and kidnap.

 If anyone asks I kidnapped you and forced you to do things for me such as dress up as a cop, I don't want you getting in trouble.

Whatever you do don't describe or mention Gray in anyway, say you don't remember him.

Sorry I got you involved in my mess. 

 I gave you a gun for protection, be safe and careful. I hope we meet again some day.


Letting out a sob I dropped to the floor tears flowing out of my eyes. This wasn't fair, I wanted to stay with him. He didn't deserve his mess. His innocent. 

"Come back to me" I yelled at the top of my lungs pain aching through me. I felt someone punch a hole through my heart. A hole that could never be restored unless the person who punched it came back. The aching grew stronger as I hit the floor with my fists. Anger and sadness rose up inside of me as the hot salty tears continued to fall.

"Please come back" 


This is the last chapter of the book but a sequel will be coming soon 

Thanks for reading :)

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