One Shot Contest!

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Hello everyone! And welcome to my first one shot writing contest!

In this competition, we have five participants!

We have, @Anime_Gaming, @DaUltimateTwatmonkey, @SketchedOrange, @MeganTheWriter, and last, but certainly not least, @XxEndxX!

Now, there will be prizes, which are:

First Place: A follow (if not following already), A dedication in either AGSB3 or Siblings, and finally an important character in AGSB4.

Second Place: Follow (if not following already), dedication in AGSB3 or Siblings, and a minor character in ASGB4

Third Place: Follow (If not following already), dedication in AGSB3 or Siblings.

Fourth and Fifth places will both receive a follow (If not done so already) and a shoutout on my profile. 

Now, voting will be anonymous and will be done so via PM, the stories will also be sent via PM, and will not have a user’s name included in the story.


~All contestants may vote. But are not able to vote for themselves.

~Scores will be out of ten, and then averaged out.

~Only five votes will count per story.

~Word limit is 100-3000 words.

~Must be sent in on time.

~They can have a title with them if you so choose.

~Anything goes, and when I mean anything, I mean anything.

~Stories may include more than one youtuber.

Stories will be judged on:



~How well it fits the prompt

(Also for some reason this got deleted somehow, it show's on my profile, but not in my works. So yes, this is a repost of the same thing) 

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