One Happy Day! Maybe

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"Hey I have to go!". "Ok Nicky I understand! Hope they get better!". I smiled. Its good to know I have her as my "ssister". "So does James need the hospital?". I looked into Jordan's eyes. Damn I always envy his eyes. So pretty. Monica is very lucky. "Maybe he just needs a check up!". "I'm fine! But Sly is gonna be bleeding again!". James stormed right up to Sly. "Hey CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" James flipped Seamus off. "James come on!". Tiff was smiling. Bitch! "U fucker! Look what u did to me! I could have been seriously hurt!". "THAT WAS THE PLAN!" Sly shouted at James. James was about to swing at Sly when me and Jordan stopped him and pulled him back. "Calm down man!". "NO FUCK U NICKY!" I looked at Aleks wide eyed. "THAT'S IT!" Sly ran towards James. "SLY STOP!" I stopped him. "Fine.....II'm sorry for hitting u....". Sly didn't mean it but at least he said it! "Thank u!". I looked for Dan. He must have dashed out as soon as it got bad. "That fucker!". I whispered. "Sorry for wanting to kill u!". I giggled at that. Tiff looked at Aleks inching closer and closer. Aleks didn't notice. "Aleks!" I nudged him. "Look" Tiff was now trying to grab his hand. Aleks pulled away."Tiff stop!". Aleks was now moving closer to me. "Well I have to leave anyway!". Tiff practilly shouted. "Ok whatever!" I smiled and waved goodbye. "Well it's settled! No more fighting and u two get out as well for the rest of u!" They all walked out except Aleks. "Aleks.....?". I looked at him. "Dude don't touch that u might get cut!". Aleks was picking up my award pieces. "No it's ok!". "Aleks no come on!" I kneed next to him. I started to help him. "U know that Tiff is trying to get u back right?" "No really?" Saracsm! "Stop picking up the pieces!" I shouted at him. "No I'm helping u!". He stuck out his tongue. "stop being four!" He laughed and picked me up and threw me over his shoulders. "ALEKS PUT ME DOWN!" "NO!" He threw me on the couch and tickled me. In between laugh I finally said "ALEKS STOP" "NEVER!" We were both laughing. A shitty day has turned into this! YAY!!!! Aleks kissed me on the forehead. I was surprised. "Nicky just letting u know I would protect u no matter what!" I smiled. Does he actually like me?

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