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 ***Heyy guys!!

Im soo sorry I haven't updated in ages I know!

But I have now so that's a positive ;) Im hoping to update 'My brother or their Dad' soon, be that today, tomorrow or some time this week. I promise I will update.

OMG! is anyone else seeing our boys on tour? I saw them on 18th March (Tuesday) At manc Phones4You arena :D It was amazing I love them Soooo much :) I really don't want them to split :( they mean everything to me. I started crying... I know, I know stupid but ilove them :( Good luck to them I the future :*

Many thanks to you all for the votes and comments, if you would like to add an opinion on what you think should happen just message me :)

Jessica:') xx <3 ***

It was once again Monday morning, i walked up to school with Ben, before he walked off to his mates. I walked up to my tutor room. “Josh babe, you alrayt?” I ask pulling him into a hug “OH MY GOD JESS!!!” He yelled squeezing me tight, lifting me off the ground.  “Im great thanks, you? Ive missed you!” He smiled “Yeah im great tar, and missed you too” I grin widely.

Josh is my bestest mate, we get on like bro and sis. We get into trouble quite alot, and bunk off school, but who gives a shit. Lifes about having fun, not being stuck in school all your life doing crap no one understands. Josh is gay. So he’s always hanging around with us girls, i don’t care about his sex, he’s still human it doesn’t make any difference what sex you are your still equal to everyone fucking else. I hate when people make fun of him, and i tend to get angry and punch em, so i get isolated with Mr. Parker as normal, but they should be the ones isolated not me. The little twats.


After catching up with Josh we walked into tutor and sat at the back of the room as normal. “Morning you two” I looked up seeing Mr. Parker sitting on the edge of his desk “Alrayt sir” I nod “Mornin” Josh laughs. “Jess what you been up to this time?” Sir asks “I aint done nothing, whatever it was it wasn’t me” I roll my eyes. “So it wasn’t you that called Miss Poole a bitch, and told her she couldn’t teach” He raised his eyebrows. I tried to hold back the smirk as i turned my head to face Josh. “Sir you shouldn’t swear” Josh laughed “Im older so i can and as for you miss Woolliscroft, your in detention with me once again at break and dinner” He smirked. “But when am i meant to get a fag?” I ask frowning “Whenever you want after school, you shouldn’t smoke in the school grounds, plus its going to kill you” He sighs. “And who gives a shit?” I shrug.

The bell rang and everyone came into tutor. “Jess ya lil shit, where ya been?” Millie sat down infront of us “Yeah ya hoe, you was meant be meetin us on sat, what happened?” Beth Frowned sitting with Millie “Sorry guys, spent day with Ben” I shrugged. “Dont ditch us next time then fag.” Beth huffed “Sorry huni bun” I grin Beth and Millie are my other best friends.

“Right im taking the register quiet please” Mr Parker shouted. We all went silent.

After the register, we could go. “Jess what you got now?” Josh asked “Study with sir for 2 hours” He nodded “Lucky, ill see you in English?” I nodded before he left with Millie and Beth. “What room we in sir?” I ask. He looks up and shrugs “This one?” He said more like asking. I nod, sit down and wait. I watched him, and he seemed to be in deep thought about something, he glanced over at me “Sorry Jess, urrm there’s a book at the back, find something to draw out of that” He shrugged. I frowned “Whats up sir?” i ask “What? Oh nothing.. you might be having a new tutor” “not you?” he shook his head “why?” he stood up and sat opposite me “you wouldnt understand” i smirked slightly “try me” he raised his eyebrows. “Get on with your work” he sighs before going back to his desk.

The rest of the lesson was awkward. Neither of us spoke. The bell went to signal start of lesson 2. “We’re swapping rooms, room 15 the music block” i nodded before leaving.

Once i had gotten down to the music block the door was wide open so i walked in and took my seat “Jess?” i turned around seeing Ben  and his mate James “Sup bro?” I smile “What you doing here then Jez?” James asks, sitting down on my desk. “Lesson with Parker” I shrug “Unlucky” He laughs “Oh ben yano sat, can jez come with?” James asks, “Ugh, she can if she wants” “Great” James cheers “Jez you want come bar 23 with us on sat?” He asks me, i shrug “Got nothing better to do i suppose “Good your coming” he winks. “Oi you pair out, go to your next lesson” Mr. Parker shouts as he entered the room “Yeah whatever we’re going see ya sis” Ben says before leaving “See ya on sat beaut” James winks before leaving.

“What you doing on Saturday?” He frowned “James wants me go clubbing or something with him” I shrug. His face fell a little and his smile faded “Oh” Was the only thing he said.

I sat in my normal space till the bell went. Thank god break. “Sir can i go now?” He looked over at the clock “No” I frowned “Why?” “Your in detention” He rolled his eyes. “For gods sake” I huffed. Leaning against the door. “Don’t forget your in detention with me at dinner aswell” he raised his eyebrows “Bastard” “You what” he spat. “Nothing” “What did you just call me” He said standing up and approaching “Well obviously you heard” I sighed. “Repeat it.” He snapped “Make me” I snapped back. “Fine” He pushed me up against the walls, holding my hands up against my head. I try to get him off but obviously he was too strong “You bastard get off me” I screamed “Told you i’d make you say it” He smirked “Not funny, let go” “Maybe i don’t want to” “You what?” I frowned “Ugh, nothing” He muttered letting go and walking off rather quickly. I frowned again. “You can go” “But you said im in detention” “Yeah well im telling you, you can go” I said slightly raising his voice. I left the room. What’s that all about?

What's Going on?

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