Chapter Twelve

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Our next game was at Riverlakes Community Center at 1:30 PM. I was one of the first five to get there, so I was a starter. We were playing the Bimat Silver team.

You know, I felt sorry for the Del Rio team, because if we had managed to beat them, they must be getting slaughtered at every game.

Same old story. We were already losing by the middle of first quarter. Me trying to spread my energy and determination around to our team and failing. I really couldn't get used to this story...

When they called for subs and I sat down, Alex #2 and I were joking about our last game, in two weeks.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and play against third graders, like we did that one Saturday when we won."

"Or maybe we'll get unlucky and play against fifth graders."

"Or maybe, just maybe, we'll get extra lucky and play against kidnergartners!"

We both started laughing. It was utter nonsense, of course - we had only played against sixth graders and we only would play against sixth graders until next season. But we were making fun of ourselves and it was nice to be able to talk to my teammates like I was just one of the guys.

I shot at least four times, but none of the shots made it in. I just didn't shoot well under pressure.

We lost 4-34.

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