Song and Kiki-chan

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Everyone/pony had gone to sleep. The next morning Slender man made some breakfast and they all sat down and ate.

"WAFFLES!!" Skay shouted happily.

"Mmmm I guess human food isn't that bad." Midnight Berry munched on the cereal.

Suddenly the door burst open and two girls stood there.

"WE'RE BACK FUCKERS!" One with brown hair yelled.

"Song, why do you have to shout all the time." The one with black hair and red eyes said.

"GOD DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A LOSER, KIKI-CHAN!?" Song screamed at Kiki-chan.

Skay cocked her head. "Toooobby, there's some weird people here!"

Song and Kiki looked towards Skay. Song squealed and picked up Skay.

"Omfg your adorable!!" Song began swinging Skay around.

"Stranger danger!!" Skay wiggled.

Slender came downstairs. "Y-Your back."

Masky followed behind him and dropped what he was carrying. Song put Skay down and Skay ran to Toby. Song then ran to Masky and hugged him Masky hugged her back. Song was crying and Masky was too. Everyone except Midnight Berry and Skay hugged the two girls.

"Who are they?" Midnight Berry whispered.

"I have no clue." Skay whispered.

"I've missed you so much, Song." Masky said.

"I know, I had to leave but I'm back now." Song replied.

"Yeah, but who's the little girl?" Kiki pointed at Skay.

Skay grinned happily. "My name is Skay!" Skay then turned wolf and howled. She ran around the two girls.

Kiki looked stunned. "S-She's a wolf..."

Kiki turned to Slender. "Where did you find her!?"

"I found her and I'm raising her." Toby spoke proudly. Skay ran around Toby, barking with glee. "And I love her."

"You've been raising her well, I see." Kiki-chan looked at the excited wolf child. "You've been raising here as a human though." Kiki turned into a wolf. "But not as a wolf."

Skay sniffed Kiki and barked happily. "Wanna be friends!?"

Kiki-chan looked at Toby then back at Skay. "Sure and I can teach you how to hunt."

"As a wolf? Yeah, I would love that!" Skay barked.

"Also I can teach you about the wilderness and how to fight." Kiki barked.

"YAAYYAY!! When do we start!?" Skay bounced with excitement.

"Tomorrow would be good, I've got some unpacking to do." Kiki turned human and so did Skay.

"Also I'm Song and the wolf adult is Kiki-chan!" Song chirped.

"Thanks you Kiki-chan, I think you'll be a great teacher, but I warn you about her enthusiasm." Toby said to Kiki.

"Yeah, I think she'll turn out to be a great wolf or human." Kiki then looked at Toby seriously. "She'll have to leave once she gets to big, just like me.."

"N-No I'll keep her forever!" Toby didn't even want to think about Skay leaving him.

"Toby..." Kiki looked sadly at him. "You know what'll happen and I do too." Kiki walked back to her old room.

That night Toby had a dream. More of a nightmare. Skay was in wolf form and all the creepypasta were dead except Ticci Toby. Skay had killed them. She was on top of Toby about to kill him. Skay's eyes flashed with evil.

"He he he you'll soon be dead like the rest!" She growled darkly. "I've always hated you!

Toby felt his heart break. He had no more tears to shed. He had cuts all over his body and was gushing blood. Toby smiled sadly

"Even if it's the end of me...." He coughed up blood. "...I still love you."

Skay snarled and bit his neck hard. She tore up his flesh. Toby didn't scream he just lay there smiling sadly. Then he died. Skay turned human. She gasped. Skay cried and picked up Toby.

"Toby... I'm so sorry!!" She threw he head back and let out a wail of agony. "Please forgive me!! I'm so sorry!! TOBY!!!"

Toby jolted up in his bed. Cold sweat streamed down his face. He was shaking violently. The look in her eyes. It felt so real to him. Toby glances over at Skay who was silently sleeping. For once in is life, he was scared of her.

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