Chapter 12:

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I block his blow and squat so that he trips over me. I jump up and throw a punch but he catches my arm in his and twists so that my back is shoved against his chest. I nail my heal into his shin and he releases me as I fall to my knees then spin around. I back handspring out of the way then stand up aim and shoot. The bullet flies at Alec and he catches it in mid air throwing it to the ground.

"Good try." He says with that grin then he lunges at me again. I block his blow and shove my knee into his crotch then jump on top of him stradling his waist. He throws a punch at me and I roll off of him and kick up as he jumps at me. My foot connects with his chest and he flies backwards. I jump up and yank out my knife as I run at him. I see Luke out of the corner of my eye run over to Shane and I continue fighting Alec. He slides his leg under my feet and I fall hard onto my back. I jump back up and block Alec's fist and spin so that I pin him to the ground. I re stradle his waist and wrestle with him on the ground. We start to roll and my head hits a rock hard. My vision blurs and I groan at the pain. I kick up and get him off of me then jump to my feet. I go at him but he grabs me and slams me onto the ground. My head hits the earth hard and my vision blurs. I feel rough arms grab me then the world goes black.


"No!" I yell running over to Alec who's holding an unconcious Christina in his arms. He holds his hand up and I fly backwards back into Luke.

"She's mine now Shane!" Alec yells.

"Christina!" I scream as Alec grows out his wings then vanishes into the air. I shoot my gun repeatedly at his vanishing form but nothing happens.

"Christina!" I scream falling to my knees my gun falling to the ground.

"Shane snap out of it! There's still more of them." Luke jerks me to my feet and we take off running as more of the creatures break through the house and come after us. We jump into Luke's jeep and ride away.

"I can't believe I let him get her!" I yell.

"Shane you were unconcious! She was fighting to save you." Luke says

"I'm the one who got knocked out! I'm the one who let her get awa-"

"It was not your fault snap out of it. We'll get her back." Luke says

"Oh god I hope so." I say staring out the window as we continue to speed off.


I blink my eyes open and wince at the pain in my head. I move my head to the side but don't see Shane or Luke.

"Shane!?" I call but get no reply back.

"Luke! Shane!?"

"They're not here Christina." I jerk straight up and jump off the bed.

"Where am I!? What did you do!?" I ask noticing my knife. I lunge for it but Alec is quicker he hits me out of the air and pegs me to the ground.

"Now Christina. Violence is never the answer."

"Get. Off. Of. Me. Now!" I bite every single word scrambling and trying to get from beneath him.

"How would that be-" I cut him off by ramming my knee into his chest and shoving him off of me. I grab my knife and chuck it at him. He catches it an inch from his heart and I look up at him in disbelief.

"Now now Christina, I'm going to try to deal with you but throw another stunt like that and there will be a consequence." He says with a glint in his eye. Then he bends the knife in his two hands with a smirk.

"What are you?" I ask moving to me feet and balling my fists at my sides.

"We have no name. We are who we are without a title." He says then he leaves the room and I lay back down on the bed and shut my eyes.

What is going on?


"Wake up Christina." I open my eyes and slam straight up shoving Alec away. He glares at me then shoves me down hard on to the bed and a sob catches in my throat.

"What do you want with me!?" I yell kicking and clawing at him.

"Say you love me!" He yells in my face.

"But I don't! I don't love you!" I scream and the next thing I feel is a giant shock from the impact as he slaps me across the face. I look back up at him and spit in his face then shove him off of me.

"I will NEVER love you! You're a monster! I don't even know who you are anymore!" I scream shoving him again.

"I've been patient enough!" He yells pinning me to the bed. I claw and kick at him. He slams his lips against mine and I claw at his face. He yanks back and blood drips from a claw mark just under his eye. I kick him off of me and jump on top of him straddling his waist and pinning him. He punches me and I fly back into the wall behind him the world runs in and out of focus before the darkness finally claims me. The last thing I feel are his nasty hands on me.


"Christina!" I yell slamming up in bed sweat coating my body. I see Luke asleep on the couch next to the bed and I rub my face. My heart hurts at the thought of what Alec's doing to her, to my Christina. I should've saved her but I didn't. I didn't save the most precious thing in my world, in my life. And it kills me to let it be true. I'm the one who let Alec knock me unconscious I'm the one who didn't protect her. I have no choice I have to finish this alone. Without Luke. I grab my gun, creep down the stairs, and open the door.

"Good try Shane." I sigh and turn to face Luke.

"I have to do this alone I have to find her to save her-"

"You'll be nothing if you get killed while you fight alone. You need me and whether you'll admit it or not you know it's true." Luke says crossing his arms.

"Fine, we leave now." I say. He pulls out his gun and twirls it around his finger.

"Fine by me." He says and I nod as we run out of the new safe house and back to his jeep.


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