Chapter 2

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Scarlet's P.O.V

I woke up in a bunk right above Jinxx's. i fell back asleep listening to music. i woke up about 2 hours later to someone shaking me, I decided to ignore them and pretend I was still asleep, that was a bad decision!! I felt really weird for a minute, and that's when I realized someone pushed me off my bunk. I felt my body hit the floor and I immediately felt pain! "What the fuck?" I asked coughing a little bit while I sat up. "Shit. I'm sooo sorry!!! That was an accident!!!" Ronnie screamed, i could tell by the tone of his voice that it really was an accident. It's ok..." I replied. I tried to catch my breath but that wasn't working. In a matter of seconds the room was completely filled up, everyone was asking me if I was ok, and what happened. "Ronnie was trying to wake me up, so he was shaking me, apparently he was shaking to hard because I fell out of the top bunk." I told everyone. Jinxx walked over to me and helped me up. "Are you ok?" He asked in a caring tone. "Other than the fact that i have a bump on my head, my ass hurts, my back is killing me, ya I'm just peachy." I replied while holding my head. Ron walked over and handed me coffee. I hugged Ron, then walked to the living room. "Ronnie what did you want?" I asked curiously. "I wanted to know if you would make me on of your awesome smoothies for breakfast." Ronnie said while shrugging. "What the flying fuck. You woke me up to make you breakfast?" "Yep!" I got up off the couch and went into the 'kitchen' area. I pulled out the blender and put plain yogurt in it, frozen berries, 1 banana, and 1 cup juice, I blended it all together and poured it into a cup and handed it to Ronnie. Ronnie took a drink of it and smiled wide. "What are you smiling at?" I asked curiously. "Nothing." Ronnie replied. "No! Seriously what?" "I just forgot how good your smoothies are!" Ronnie said as he walked over and hugged me. "I want one!" Ryan whined. "Ya, me too." Ron and Derek said. Soon I had a whole list of everything they wanted.

Ryan: Pineapple Mango strawberry smoothie.

Ron: Blueberry Apple Banana smoothie.

Derek: Blueberry Mango Banana Raison smoothie.

Jacky: Strawberry Banana smoothie.

Andy: Rockstar Strawberry smoothie.

Cc: Mocha Blueberry pie smoothie.

Jake: Strawberry Pineapple smoothie.

Jinxx: Chocolate Strawberry smoothie.

Ashley: Chocolate Mocha Berry smoothie.

I got to work on the 'orders' and when all of them were done I passed them out. "Damn girl you could work at a smoothie shop!!" Cc said while laughing. "There really good!" Jake said smiling. "I don't know what I would do without you!" Ronnie said smiling. "Why. Because I make you food?" "Precisely!" Ronnie shouted. I just chuckled. I sat back down on the couch as I watched Ryan walk to his bunk leaving his phone on the table. His phone rang and I could hear Ryan yell "Scarlet can you answer that for me?". "Sure." I replied. I answered his phone and immediately regretted it. It was his sister. "Ryan your sisters on the phone." I yelled. A few seconds later Ryan came running into the room. He took his phone and started talking I her. 45 mins later when he FINALLY got off the phone he asked Ronnie where we were. "We are driving to a show in Oxnard CA. Why?" "Because my sister turned 18 a couple years ago, and my mom kicked her out of the house because she didn't get child support anymore. So my sister got a part time job and just stayed at a friends house. Her friend kicked her out and now she has nowhere to go. Can she come on our with us?" Ryan asked in a pleading tone. "Of course she can!" Ronnie replied.

Jinxx's P.O.V

I actually am starting to have a crush on Scarlet! She's gorgeous, smart, funny, cute, caring, sarcastic, and awesome. "You left out incredible." Ashley said while smirking. "Did I say all that out loud?" I asked hoping I didn't. "Yep. You dd." Ashley said smirking and leaving the room. I sighed as I thought of what Ashley could do with this information. Scarlet walked into the room a few minutes later and tried to jump into her bunk. She kept trying but couldn't get up there. I thought it was kinda cute as she would jump and try to pull herself up. I walked over to her and put my hands on her hips as I lifted her up to her bunk. She smiled a little and pulled her curtain shut. I climbed in my bunk that was under hers, I could her her quietly singing Listen Up by Falling In Reverse. I chuckled as she started singing Carolyn.



I know this chapter sucks but tough shit Sherlock!!

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