let the games begin

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peter flew away and i was left on my own , in camp wondering how i was going to get around the island when i have no idea of where i am going .
so i just started to walk , never land is an amazing place with so much beauty ,,, and danger , i made sure to stay away from the nightshade Peter warned me about when we first met . Peter's rather handsome with his messy brown hair , boyish smile and determind yet playful look . he's also a bit taller than me which can make me feel intimadaited and secure , then again being taller than me isnt a hard thing to do as i am rather small , and wasnt going to get any bigger as now that i am in Neverland ive stopped growing .And his eyes aw i could get lost in them forever , wait no stop , stop thinking about Peter Pan you cant fall in love with him , besides he would never fall for a girl like me , and he probably flirts with all the girls he meets . I snapped myself out of my day dream and continued to wonder the island when i came across a lake and a cave the other side , i skipped across the stones and saw an oppening , i made my way inside and saw a chest of tressure,. i shouted as loud as i possible could ,
" i found the tressure " i heard a sqwark from Peter as he came through the top of the cave. Peter then shouted so all of neverland could hear him
" you mean my tressure " a black figure crept out of the shadows behind me , before i could react the figure had pulled both my arms behind my back with one hand , and had something cold and pointy against my neck , please dont be a knife i thought to myself .
peter looked ,,, normal , not shocked or angry normal . but he managed to mutter a few words just loud enough for Hook to hear"let her go Hook" Peter pulled out his knife from his belt and had it ready to fight .I tried as hard as i could to break free from this villian , holding me against my will , but it was no use
" there's no point struggaling love,you see I've got this whole place surrounded by my crew, theres no escaping " Hook was right next to my ear when he spoke , i could feel his warm breath against my cheek .
" Peter" i yelled , i tried so hard to communicate with him through that one word, just to get him to look at me . In Peters eyes i saw slight panic and fear , but it was gone quicker than it appeared, but i saw , and so did Hook . in that moment he knew how he could get everything he wanted and all he needed was me.
" its been wonderful seeing you PETER PAN " he spat Peters name like poision " but we really must be going now . Oh and dont try anything if you do , this feisty one gets it."
" you got what you wanted now leave " peter said calmly with a tinit of defeat " take her and your stupid tressure, for the games etting intresting " he put down his knife,kicked it to one side and held his arms up , smirking. " you got the first move Hook. but ill have the last"
. How could he just give up like that , i would never open myself up to someone like i did to Peter that quick , but i thought i could trust him , now i know he only looks out for himself. Its all a game to him , why would i think he was anything other then a weasle .
whilst being dragged back to Hook's ship all my emotions that had bulit up inside me found a way to escape and i began to cry uncontrollably. through out my life everyone abandoned me , my father , my mum and now Peter .
Hook brought me to his ship with ease as i felt what good would it do for me to escape if no one wanted me. he pushed me into a dank cubboard and locked te door behind him .it had barley any light and was filled with , what looked like rubbish and i am sure it could have been , but something about the pattern of objects that were in here made me feel more like Hook kept hidden memories in here. the cubboard was too small for me to stand up in but i managed to stand with my legs and bend my back which was all i needed. i brought my hands behind my legs and stepped over , i worked myself out of the knot that tied my hands together .i had use of my hands again .i began to work on the bonds holding my feet together. when i managed to free all my limbs i began to look round the cubboard , i dont know how long i am going to be in here so i might aswell . i rummaged through hundreds of different objects i came across a varity of unusual objects, including a medium sized brown box with carvings all round the edges . At first it appeared to be a place where Hook kept his maps . I just wanted to go home , i figured i might as well take a look at the maps and see if i could figure out a way to go "home" . i pulled out the map of Neverland and began to open it out to its full size , when a picture fell out . of my mum

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