Not All Superheroes wear capes

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Hey guys my name is Natalie and I really hope you enjoy this fan fic! Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions or your opinion on the book!!!!

* Also a side note not all the facts in this story are true but please don't criticize me the way I write it makes it flow with the story



Hey my name is Ally I was born on May 18, 1998 and I grew up in the town of Boston Massachusetts. I pretty much grew up in what I thought was a "perfect" life. I had a great family and a great friend a boy named Trevor Moran, but I called him Trev for short. Now Trev and I were friends from first day i remember and literally spent every minute of every hour together. We even planed on going to the same collage and everything but then one day Trev's mom got a job transfer and he had to move all the way across the country to Cali. now i was about 12 when this happened and i still remember every thing about from day he told me he was moving, and I pretty much cried that whole day. We tried to get his family to stay and even tried to get my family to move but nothing worked. We spent the last few weeks before he moved together, and the day he moved I was devastated. We tried keeping in touch but after a while we kind of stopped. I'm 15 now and I haven't really found a "friend" that I've felt about the same way I did with him

Present day:

Finally the weekend I shouted as I walked into my house. All I wanted to do was catch up on the latest season of Pretty Little Liars that I missed. I threw my backpack to the side of my living room and hoped onto the couch. As I got about half way into the second episode I heard my front door unlock. I walked out into the kitchen to greet my parents, but as soon as I walked in I knew something was off. "Ally, please sit down we need to talk to you about something", my mom said. I walked over to the table and sat down nervously. I never liked having conversations with my parents that started with we need to talk to you about something, it always made my think if I did anything wrong, "don't worry honey, you didn't do anything wrong", my dad says making me relieved. But as he continued I started getting nervous. " my job has created a new building and they are sending people their and I'm afraid that I'm one of those people who are being transferred", he said. I was really shocked but was actually really excited at the same time. I've Been waiting to move ever since Trev moved cuz after that I didn't really make any friends and I was sort of bullied but never told any one. "That's great dad, for real I'm actually really excited"! "Wow honey your taking the news better than I thought", he said. "We'll where are we moving too? I asked. "California" he replied!


So there's the first chapter and I apologize that it's unedited. I will continue it but I'm going to be really busy so I don't know when I will update it! Remember to vote and leave a comment

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