Chapter 1: Moving back

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Chapter 1

"One day, you'll have to face your past, good or bad, it doesn't matter"

Leo Valdez


I stared deeply into the road in front of me, focusing on nothing but the wheel I'm steering. I look down quickly to find my knuckles a pasty white, so I relax easily, allowing my knuckles to return to their normal color.


What in the hell was my sister thinking?

I mean, I love Westedge I admit, but we can't just MOVE BACK. That would just be like taking candy from a baby then 5 minutes later giving the baby back the wrapper. Messed up.

I glance at my sister to find her staring at the window, her reflection in the window looking depressed. Maybe she is having second thoughts about this to. I mean, it was 6 years ago we moved, it's not gonna be the same, right? Our old best friends are now 25 or 26, just like us, they must have a love life, a actual life, not remembering us or caring about us. We hurt them so much by leaving... but at the same time they must understand we had to leave...

I finally decided to forbid the thought and keep my eyes back on the road. Why does my mind go to such strange thoughts? I glance to my right to find a large neon green sign in bold print reading:

"Welcome to Westedge!"

I sigh and play a small smile on my face. We're back in the town we grew up in. I couldn't believe it.... small but nice memories played inside my head, making me make a bigger and bigger smile minute by minute. I glance at my sister one last time to find my sister sleeping in the corner, like how she always done, with a tear rolling down her face. Ugh, I always hated her crying, even if it was from sleep. My smile disappeared and I pulled up to the old parking lot. I can't believe it's still here... everything looks untouched. Sure, it looks old, but hey, It lasted more then 30 years, so nobody is complaining or touching at the moment. I parked and stopped the moving van, shaking her lightly before she hits me in the face for touching her. "Wake up sleepy head, we're here." I said in the nicest and sarcastic way as possible. "Oh shut up Valdez" She muttered and went back into her deep sleep. "What a ray of sunshine you are." I muttered and rolled my eyes. I shut the door behind me and decided to walk to the office to see if someone special was there.


I go into the small brick building which is of course the office and walk my way into the person who runs the office. I make my way to open the door but then I hear angry shouting. The voices sounded to familiar... I'm not the one to eavesdrop but hey, it sounded serious. I put my ear to the door and listen closely:

"BUT DAD! I CAN'T RUN THE COMPLEX! I CAN'T BARELY TAKE CARE OF MY OWN DOG FOR HEAVENS SAKE!" A man yells. He sounds just about my age but his voice a bit deeper.

"Son, I trust you with my complex. I mean, you have leadership in your blood. You're MY SON. You're a Zona, you know leadership and you know it." A man says. He has a thick mexican accent and is much calmer then his son.

But Zona, it sounds so familiar....

My eyes widen and I listen closer. I know these people.

"But dad, I-"

"Yes you can. NOW YOU ARE RUNNING THIS COMPLEX AND THAT'S FINAL ALEXANDER!" The father yells. He stomps his way towards the door and shoves the door open, slamming it on his way out. The man had all gray hair, slicked back, with a thick gray mustache.


My eyes widen so wide, I'm sure they're gonna fall out one day. So he is still here... I open the door to find a man, muttering a long string of cuss words. He still has his ragged old jeans with a North face sweatshirt. His glasses are midnight black to match his eyes, and his hair is also slicked back like his fathers. I know this man.

"Ale - Alexander right?" I ask raising my voice slowly. He turns to look at me and his eyes widen behind the glass.

"Leo?! Leo Valdez?!" The man named Alex says recognizing me faster then lightning. I laugh and nod, and he turns to me for a tight hug.

"I never known you were coming back" He muttered and I rolled my eyes. Drama queen.

He finally let go, and I finally got to breathe. "Is... is Ru-"

"Yes, she's back, to. and we are moving in today. I would wake her up, but she will kill anyone 2 feet near her, not caring, that and I like living." I cut the man off and Alex laughed.

"Dude, just call me Al, like old times. I don't want you sounding like my old man..." He muttered the last part to himself and I just pretended to not listen.

"Are Heather and Kyle here still?" I asked and he nodded, violently.

"Yup. Heather has a boyfriend, of course, and Kyle is just playing world of war craft and usual." I laugh a little at this. They are still acting how they were when they were 14. Of course.

"So any whale, I'm moving in today, you wanna help me?" I ask and Al nods.

"Sure. I have a few more days of freedom until I have to run this place, so why not?" I nod slowly back at this. "Come on, lets get to work then.."

We walk out of the building, shoulder to shoulder, with me wondering why I was having second thoughts on moving back next to my best friends.

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