Chapter 7 - Stalked by a Weasel

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                                                                   Nico's P.O.V.

    I was still laughing mentally when I left the classroom. Toadface had been chase around the school by her own shadow, which kept whacking her repeatedly on the head. She had complained to Dumbledore,  (he doen't knows that Nico is a demigod) who of course, didn't believe her. That should teach her not to mess with the son of Hades.  Thankfully, if Toadface decides to tell anyone else, they won't believe her, which mean that when ever Hecate isn't watching, I can use my powers on Toadface. Nico! Hecate scolded. Sorry Hecate. I forgot that she could read my thoughts.  Moving on, Hecate said that if I continued to use my powers on people just cause they annoy me, she might make Dumbledore think that he should move me to Slytherin, which wouldn't be that bad, because for the past few days the Rara Weasel guy has really been really annoying and The Boy Who Almost Died Many Time But Still Fails To Die is a bit big-headed in my opinion.  Roonil Weslib has been putting up posters saying that I am a death-eater and that I am Voldemort's son, in the Gryffindor common room and all over the school. He has also so started stalking me, he keeps following me everywhere I go,  it's amusing at first, but after the first five seconds, it gets annoying, I mean, it's stupid, humiliating (for him, not for me) and pointless (like every he has done in his life), it makes me wonder if he has anything better to do.  I heard a noise behind me and I turned around, one hand on my skull ring, which was my sword in disguise. I saw Roberto Walsea standing behind a cupboard, spying on me. I sighed.  When would he ever see sense and stop? Probably never, seeing how stupid and obnoxious he was. Oh well, some people just never learn, or at least, not until they deal with the Ghost King, that is. 

                                                                    Ron's P.O.V.

        Di Angelo is definitely up to something, I know he is. I've been following him for the whole day, but he still hasn't done anything suspicious. I know what you're thinking, don't get me wrong, I'm not stalking him, I'm! Yeah that's it, I've been investigating! I was standing behind a cuboard stal.. er... I mean making sure he wasn't doing anything suspicious. He glanced my way for a few seconds, then sighed and turned away. He probably has no idea that I am watching him. There is no way he would ever suspect anything, mainly cause I am a master of stealth (and cause he's stupid)!

                                                                   Nico's P.O.V.

       Weasel had a look on his face which said 'You will never suspect anything cause you're more stupid than me' Yeah right. To be more stupid than Weasel will be a huge accomplishment, cause it's impossible. No-one can be more stupid than the weasel, I mean, who can be more stupid than a guy who stalks the son of Hades, sure, my life is pretty interesting, but would you really stalk me to find out about it? (don't answer that if you're a crazy stalker) After a while I got sick of him watching me, so I concentrated for a few moment, forgetting completely that I wasn't supposed to use my powers. Weasel gave a yell as his shadow dragged him out of the room. I closed my eyes and communicated to one of the ghosts Hey Peeves I thought Do anything you want to him, just make sure he suffers, gets humiliated and possibly send him to the hospital wing. I know, that was a bit cruel, but in my defence, I'm the son of Hades, what did you expect? For me to shake his hand and say ' Congratulations, your an idiot? Of couse not (still,it is tempting). I'm the Prince of The Underworld, if you mess with me, you should expect terrible things. Peeves appeared infront of me "Your wish is my command, my dear Ghost King" He grinned and disappeared, probably to find Weasel. Out of all the Hogwarts ghosts, Peeves was my favourite, he only called me master or king for fun and he didn't run away screaming when I enter the room like other ghosts did, here, at hogwarts, he's the closest thing I have to a frie- I mean ally, and no more then that, I'm the Reaper of Souls, I don't have friends, only allies, and the best thing is, I can tell him to do things for me and he wasn't allowed to prank me, cause I'm the Ghost King. From outside I heard someone scream "Peeves, what did you do to my hair!?! It's pink! My hair, my beautiful hair!" I chuckled darkly. Weasel screams like a girl. "Good job,  Peeves" I said "Do me a favor, continue to prank himfor me, will ya?" Peeves grinned, his eyes alight with mischief. "Anything you say, my lord."I snapped my fingers and a skeleton rose from the ground. "Go and chase Weasel around Hogwarts"
 I commanded. The skeleton bowed and ran out of the room. I smirked. Weasel is going to have bad nightmere tonight. NICO!  I cursed in Ancient Greek. I forgot about Hecate. Nico di Angelo! I sent you here to protect Harry and his friends. I did NOT tell you to drive them mad OR kill them. 'Sorry Hecate'. I thought guiltily (NOT!!!).  'It's not my fault if the Annoying Trio gets on my nerves' If you can't get along with them and the rest of the Gryffindors, then I'm moving you to Slytherin. 'Fine with me' I thought. An black owl flew into the room with a letter tied to it's legs. I took the letter from the owl and read it. It read

           Mr. Di Angelo,

It seems that you are not comfortable living with the Gryffindors, so I have made arrangements for you to be moved to Slytherin. You will be moving in to one of the Slytherin dorms tommorow morning.

        ~ Proffesor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts

I grinned. I can finally move out of the dorm I have to share with Potty, Weasel and someother people. This was going better than I had hoped.

                                              Harry's P.O.V.

Ron told me he was going to stalk Nico. I wonder how he's doing? I bet Di Angelo is too stupid to notice Ron. I'm sure Ron is pretty good at keeping hidden...

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