Chapter one: the book theif

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Calling into the night has never seemed so peaceful. Considering the fact that Jason just disappeared scares the shit out of me. I guess i should just go back and accept the fact that he is dead and gone forever, but recalling all that has happened, i highly doubt he is really truly ... Dead.

You see the past two weeks have been a pain in the ass and honestly I'm ready to throw in the towel and sleep. I cant though, everyone depends on me,why,i have no clue but i am responsible, given the fact that i started this mess.

"Emily, don't be a baby, just throw the damn rock!" I screamed

See Emily is the youngest of us all therefor she does all the stuff we don't want to do.

"No i don't want to, geez Sammy, cant you make Jason, or anyone else do it?!"

Right now I'm trying to get a book from this book store. I know right, real rebel , stealing a book. Trust me ,when i want something i can get pretty lethal

Anyways it wasn't just any book. It was Winstons spell book .The best book of all time.

"Just throw the God damn rock! If we get caught I'm bitting you!" Devin whispered, she may be short but she will swing.




"Sammy get the book and come on, that alam is fryin my brain!" Screamed casper

Casper, i know friendly ghost name and all that good stuff, but truth be told casper got his name by the way he could walk up right behind you and you would never know he was in the room.

It was pretty friggin dark so i hurried to find the book , the trouble i go through for nothing right.

"Got it lets beat it!

We happened to come up on this old abandoned warehouse

"We are close" sammey said while she exhaled

"Close....close to what?!" i asked hesitantly

"Dont worry about it just keep up emily!" Sammey said while smirking at jason

We kept running till we got to an old house and we entered it thinking it was a joke

"Please tell me your not serious!" Bailey said shocked

We all sat in a circle of candles. We held hands tight as possible.

"Im scared guys can we stop please i dont wanna do this anymore" emily screamed in terror

We all saw a big white light flash in our faces

"Stop it emiliee" i screamed but it seemed like no one heard me

The light got brighter and brighter and louder too i felt like my eardrums were going to explode

A big forceful wind and blew us apart i was almost in slowmotion i felt my head collide with the marble went completely black

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