Chapter 5

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Chapter 5:

(Payton's pov)

This takes me back a bit. Why would he risk his life for me? A complete stranger. "Why do you care? I don't know you. You don't know me." I ask.

"Because I'm involved, and if i walk away," he looks around, and leans closer. He lowers his voice to a whisper, "I'd be a bad person then wouldn't i?" A small smile forms on his lips.

"Well would you rather be a good person, and watch someone die, or a bad one and forget this ever happened?" I ask.

"The second one." His smile slowly fades. I guess he's picturing what would happen if i did jump. After a few moments he walks in again, so he's less than a foot away. "But we cant always take the easy route. Take my hand."

Hesitantly i place my hand in his. He guides me over the rail and I'm standing on it. "Im Payton. Payton Rae Reynolds."

"Thank you so much for making the right decis-" he starts, when a gust of wind pushes me off the rail.

I scream in terror, as my stomach slams into he pole, and I quickly start sliding down; however, his hand doesn't leave mine.

"PAYTON! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT LET GO!" He screams. His voice strains.

(Luke's pov)

HOW COULD I BE SUCH AN IDIOT. I JUST LET HER FALL. I caught her, but i cant get her back up.

My voice strains as i scream to her.

"LUKE!" Her eyes lock in mine, "don't let me fall." I can tell these words hurt her. She doesn't say it like its my fault shes falling though.. She says it like she trusts me.

"I wont.." I use all my force, and pull her.

In the distance a car engine stops. They must've heard the screaming.

"PAYTON!" Yells an old man. I can tell he doesn't see us, but recognizes her voice.

"DADDY!" She yells. I use all my might and pull her over the rail. She collapses on the ground right over me.

A man runs up the stairs to see us panting, on top of eachother.

"MR HEMMINGS??!" Yells the man in disbelief.

My eyes widen. How could this be happening? Out of everyone.. "BOSS?!"

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