Chapter 3 The New boy

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Ambers POV ; "But amber you have tooo" nina whined, I rolled my eyes and leant my head against my hand that was leaning on the table , "but you know I don't like parties" I sighed, the problem was she never listened, ninas boyfriend luke was having a party and she insisted I was to come, I have no idea why I had no friends and at the party we all know she'd go off with luke and I'd be left to be my own company which I actually dident mind I've gotton use to it. After about abother 15 minutes of trying to persuad me I finally gave in "fine but if you leave me for longer then 10 minutes,I'm leaving", a big grin grew on her face and she clapped her hands like a seal . "Great ill pick you up at 8" she practically shouted in excitement ,getting me to go to a social thing was a great achievement for her but I couldent help but sigh at what I had gotten my self into , I dident even have anything to wear.

After a while the class had finished, I picked my bag up and walked out the class noticing nina dident even wait for me,she did that a lot,I guess she had another friends too and a boyfriend , I started walking,staring at the ground hoping noone would start today like every other day, I heard laughter ahead of me but dident dare to lift my head up to take a look but by not looking I dident notice someone standing where I was about to walk and completely walked into them, dropping everything in my hands ,great just what I needed ,well done amber

"Hey are y...oh its you" I looked up to see that familiar smirk, oh its busstop boy, I picked up my stuff and got up

"You should really look where your going"

Is he serious? Maybe if he was looking too then it wouldent of happened "maybe you should not be rude" I spat out , guess what I got? , one of his stupid smirks

All he ever did was smirk, its been a day not even that and all I've seen him do is smirk

"Me rude? Never" he said with a smug look, damn I was starting to hate this boy and his cockiness

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes and went to walk away when I heard someone shout "hey beau you coming?" And he looked back at them nodding

So that's his name ...

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