Chapter 2

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Selena, now a fiery red haired and bluish green eyed 22 year old woman lives in the city named Lariant. She was well known for her kindness and helping nature.

3 years ago when she blackened out she was found by Lady River while she was returning from a ball.

When she was questioned she said that she can’t remember anything except her name (she never told anybody that she is from the future) and because she wore an expensive dress (that she got from Sariel) and had a lot of money everybody thought she was from a rich family.

In the past 3 years she learnt a lot: being a maid, swordplay, taking care of a household, medicine...

She was working as a caretaker or companion for older ladies or sometimes taking care of children.

As she was remembering everything that happened, lady River entered her room. "Selena, how are you this fine morning?" "Lady River, I am fine thank you. I was just thinking where I will work mow that Miss Melissa doesn’t need a nanny anymore." "Oh yes, this is why I came to find you. Somebody I know is looking for a nanny for his 4 year old son. He is a respectable man, Duke of Thornton manor, Caleb Shade Thornton. He lost his wife giving birth to Adrian who is now a little devil from what I hear. He chased every nanny from their home. But since I know you I recommended you for the job. He lives in Siveria city, which is 2 days away and you will leave in 3 days. I hope that is okay" said Lady River looking a bit nervous since she decided everything without telling her first.

When Lady River found Selena on her way home from a ball she wore expensive clothes and had a lot of money with her. She took pity on her when she found out she couldn’t remember anything. They tried to find her relatives but they found nothing. By that time Lady River started to see her as her own daughter and asked her to stay. She was a lonely woman of 59 years whose husband and son died in a war. Now standing in front of Selena she was nervous, since she decided to get her the job without discussing it with Selena beforehand.

 Selena seeing the guilt in her eyes decided to smile and using her first name said "Sonya, it is fine that you recommended me for the job. I love working with children, you know that. I am just sad to leave you on your own. You are like a mother to me, I will miss you. Oh, I know, I can ask the Lord if you can visit me sometime. I’m sure he will allow that. But isn’t he the lord rumored to be stone cold with no emotions. I don't believe in rumors but i do hope they are false"

Hearing this Lady River couldn’t help herself but to say "oh don’t worry dear; you will melt that stone cold heart with your warm one."  Seeing Selena blush she left the room for Selena to pack her things.

After Lady River left, Selena decided to pack her things. When she finished she went to visit the village to say her goodbye's. the villagers were happy for her but sad to see her leave. She brought smiles without even trying.  They all loved her.

Her last 3 days went by fast and she found herself in front of a coach the Lord sent with brown horses with Lady River and all of village saying goodbye to her. The coachman looked very surprised to see the whole village saying goodbye to the young woman. Entering the coach she couldn’t help but wonder what will happen when she arrives at Thornton manor.

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