Chapter 13

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Fern ~

"Perfect," I smile as the picture shows up on the screen.

He as curly brown hair and blue eyes. I'm not used to that combination. Almost every boy I knew back home had blonde hair and blue eyes with the exception of my father who had deep green eyes much like mine.

"My turn," he says getting out his Canon 7D.

I smile as he snaps the picture.

"You done?" I ask still smiling as he continues to take more pictures.

"Yeah," he laughs.

"Wait. You wear glasses?" I smile as he pulls out a pair of nerd glasses and slides them on.

"Umm...maybe," he chuckles," I wear contacts most of the time if that's what you mean."

I nod as Hayley and Gabe walk over.

"So lovebirds. Want to actually get to work?" Gave teases with a smile.

"I'm just going to ignore that," Jesse frowns and I feel my heart drop.

"Okay so we haven't got any tasks as yet but Spring formal is in a month. We need to prepare. " Hayley states.

She pulls out a folder from her bag and places it on the table nearest to us.

After pulling her brown hair to a ponytail she opens the folder and hands us each a page covered in her small writing.

"Mr Hughs asked if we could maybe join the decorative committee. He said we need to do something different this year," Gabe states.

"So what are we going to do?" Hayley asks looking down at her page.

"Well we've got a month. I say we sleep on it and come back tomorrow with new ideas," Jesse adds.

The bell rings.

"I think that's a good idea," I smile.

"Great," Gabe nods.


I enter the room to find Mel sitting on her bed with her earphones on.

She notices my presence and waves.

I smile at her and plop down onto my bed.

"Hey Jesse came by a few minutes ago. He was looking for you," she says setting her IPod down on her dresser.

"Oh," I give her a weak smile.

"He's in he basement," she states and I nod before grabbing my phone and exiting the room.

I walk down the passage way and into the quad before making my way down a long flight of stairs.

"Hey," A boy named Aleks says as I walk in.

"Hi," I smile.

"Have you seen Jesse?" I ask as Two other boys come in with a pizza box.

"Yeah he'll be back in a bit, he was looking for someone," The boy named Troye says.

I nod and sit on one of the chairs.

"Here have some pizza," The one I believe is called James offers.

I smile and take a slice before downing it in record time.

Jesse walks in and smiles at me.

"Jesse," I say a bit too relieved.

"Hey," he says sitting down beside me.

"Mel said you were looking for me?" I smile at him.

"Yeah," he looks away and then smiles.

"And..." I urge.

"You want to maybe go fet some coffee?" he asks looking straight into my eyes.

"Phew, I thought you would never ask," I laugh and so does he.

We walk up the stairs and into the quad once again.


"Wait. Hold up. So what you're saying is that you have no cousins?" Jesse asks before taking a sip of tea.

I nod and swallow.

"My mom's an only child. My dad's an only child. I only have one brother and my step dad's brothers don't have children. " I smile.

"Well my dad has four siblings. I have three siblings and I don't know much about my mom except that she has purple hair and offerd me weed once," He laughs.

"What?" I almost spit out my tea.

"I was twelve at the time. I saw her at the mall. She came up to me, asked how I was and offered me weed," He says smiling," I didn't know who she was of course until later when my dad showed me pictures of her."

"I'm sorry," I sigh taking his hand into mine and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"For what?" He asks intertwining our fingers.

"That you never got to meet her. That she left," I whisper resting my head on his shoulder.

"It's fine.Trust me. I'm over it," he assures me.

I bury my face into his neck and wrap my arms around him.

"If you ever aren't ok. If you ever aren't over the fact," I whisper," Know that I'm here."

"Only if you do the same," He says into my hair," Only if you kniw that I am here."

I nod.

"You're the sweetest friend I've ever had," I sigh hoping that he will deny our status.

I doesn't come.

He nods and pulls away.

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