Split Apart

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"I heard you" Kagome spoke up, interrupting Inuyasha. 


"When  you were talking with Kikyo the other day, I  heard your confession then" she explained. 

Inuyasha flushed. 

"Do you..well, do you..have feelings for me?" Inuyasha asked, scared of her answer.

Kagome looked torn, "I-I'm sorry, Inuyasha. I cannot return your feelings. I have always thought of you as my older brother" she said looking down at her feet. 

Inuyasha eyes clouded over with hurt, "Whatever" he muttered harshly and took off in the opposite direction. 

"Wait, Inuyasha!" Sango called after her friend. 

He ignored her and just ran, soon he was out of sight.

Kagome chewed on her bottom lip, upset that she had just hurt one of her best friends.

"He'll come back" Miroku comforted her. Kagome just nodded.

They waited for hours for Inuyasha to come back. 

And he did. 

His face was blank and emotionless, "I'm going to leave this group" he told the others.

There was a chorus of gasps, "What!? Why?" Shippo asked, standing next to Kirara.

"Because I want to kill Naraku and I can't do that with you weaklings consantly dragging me down!" He snarled harshly. 

Kagome flinched at his coldness, "Fine" she said. Inuyasha stared at her, disbelief flash across his features, but he quickly masked it up. "Leave then! If that's what you want so much!" she cried. She couldn't believe that Inuyasha was leaving just to avoid her.

"Kagome!" Sango protested.

"But listen Inuyasha. You can't kill Naraku by yourself, you need my sarced arrows! You will, sooner or later, come running back to us for help!" Kagome shouted.

"Hah! As if! You're not the only one with sarced arrows, Kagome!" He snapped, "Kikyo has them to! And she's much more reliable than you are!" 

Tears spilled out of Kagome's eyes, "You mutt!" She screamed. "Just because I didn't return your feelings doesn't mean that you can just leave! I don't love you as a lover, but I do care for you as a friend!"

Inuyasha was a bit taken back by her tears, "Well guess what? I don't want your stupid friendship!" he snarled before turning on his heels and running in the opposite direction. 

Shippo patted Kagome's leg, "Don't cry.." he said sniffing, trying to comfort her.

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand, "Don't worry, Shippo" she said, "I'm not crying."

"C'mon, let's go find Naraku and beat Inuyasha at killing him!" She said, determined to get rid of Naraku first, just to prove Inuyasha wrong. She is not weak!

"I'll join" a voice said behind them, "He killed Kagura. And I want my revenge."

Kagome froze, she can recognize that voice anywhere. She whipped around and there he was. His long silverly white hair blew around in the wind. His expression grave and determined. 


Oh, and Jaken.


Another chapter because I feel bad for not updating along and the last chapter was so short!

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