Chapter 12

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Mckenna's pov :

It was around 11 at night when I decided to leave. I didn't want to see anybody so I wanted to wait until everyone went to sleep. I wrote a note telling them not to worry about me and set it on my bed where they can find it easily. I gathered my things and opened my window.

I was on the second floor but it was a good thing that I picked a room where a tree was right outside one of my windows.

I took a leap of faith, grabbing on one of the trees branches. I climbed the rest of the way down, and landed with a thump on the ground.

I started walking towards the edge of the woods. When I reached the edge I turned around and looked at the house that I had called home since I had gotten out of the hospital. I'm leaving the friends that I had made, I'm leaving kaydon. But kaydon lied to me. He kept something from me since I arrived here. I know that I should stay here and let him explain. But I had to leave, this is to much to let in.

I let a tear slip out and turne back to the woods. I hesitated to go back in them. So many bad things had occurred in these woods. But I had to get home. So after a few minutes of standing there I made my way back to my home.

Kaydon's POV :

I can't sleep knowing I hurt Kenna. I wanted to explain everything to her but I wanted her to have her space and think over things. Is stayed up literally all night over thinking things.

It was around 3 in the morning when I had this feeling to go check on McKenna. Something didn't seem right. I had this feeling for a while now but I wanted to give her space.

I walked up to her room and slowly opened her door. It was dark in her room so I turned on the light and noticed that she was gone. McKenna wasn't in her room. Her window was open as well. I rushed to the window and looked out of it then back to her bed. There was a piece of paper laying on her pillow. I picked it up and it read:


I'm sorry that you have to find out this way but I just couldn't bear the fact of facing you as I tell you this. You revealing yourself as a man who can turn into this huge wolf is just to much to take in. I can't be around a thing that killed my father. It's hard on me to leave you guys. You were my other family. But it just has to be. I need to be home. My real home. But I wanted to thank you. For finding me in the woods and taking me to the hospital. And thank you for staying with me everyday while I was in the hospital. Thank you for taking me in when I had nowhere to go. And most of all thank you for being my friend. Tell the other thank you to. And I will miss you all but I need to live on my own and do things on my own. Goodbye kaydon. Please don't forget all the fun things we have done together because I no I surely won't (:


By the end of the note I was in tears. My wolf was howling in pain for our mate leaving us.

"This is all your fault " my wolf said to me.

"Shut up. I was only trying to tell her what I was. What we were " I spat back at him before blocking him out.

I needed her back. I needed to protect her. So many people want to harm her.

"Tristan. Jessica. Dylan. Andrew. My office now" I yelled through mind link.

"What the hell. It's 3 in the fucking morning. What do you want !" Tristan yelled.

I ignored him and made my way to my office.

I opened the doors to find Dylan, Tristan, Jessica, and Andrew. Waiting for me patiently.

"Now do you mind explaining why were here so early in the morning?" Andrew asked.

"Mckenna's gone!!" Was all I said

"What do you mean gone?" Jessica asked

I turned to face her "I mean that she's gone, left. She went back to her house in the woods!"

Jessica gasped "why would she leave us "

"Because she's scared, her father was killed by our kind, she was almost killed by our kind. " was all I said.

We need to get her back before anyone figures out that she has left and is unprotected.

Mckenna's POV:

I got to my house just before the sun has risen. It looked the same as I left it when the gang and I found it. But the door was replaced on it. When I opened the door, the house was cleaned. Did kaydon come back and do this? My thoughts were going everywhere and questioning why my house that was a wreck with broken glass, a door that was in pieces was now cleaned.

I brushed away my thoughts and headed towards my room. I was worn out from being up all night and walking to my house.

I laid in my bed and started to drift off to sleep until I heard the front door creak open.


So McKenna left kaydon and is now back at her home.... Who do you think is at Kenna's home and who cleaned it ?



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