19: For The Ones I Love

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“Hi,” Liam says as I open up the front door. I smile and wave him in, shutting the door to block out the cold. “Have you started yet?”

“No,” I tell him, leading him upstairs to the room in which my family waited. “I hope you don’t mind that he’s here,” I say to them. They didn’t seem to care.

Today was the day we would sort through Aria’s belongings. Really sort through it, not just look around and reminisce as Liam and I did previously. We decided it was best to do it as a family.

Ella was sitting on Aria’s bed, so I sat down beside her while my parents pulled boxes out from beneath it. I looked around just as I did the first time, and it all still felt the same. It felt like Aria never left. It felt like cancer never blew up in our faces.

“This was her art box,” my dad realizes, opening up the first container. Inside was all kinds of paper and paints and drawing materials. I smiled as they pushed it aside, moving onto the next box.

“What about her clothes?” I ask, glancing at the dresser. I assumed they would be handed down to Ella eventually. That would make the most sense after all. But if I was Ella, I don’t know how I’d feel about that. In the end they would’ve been handed down to her anyway, even if Aria never died. But now it’s different. Everything is different.

“You can start emptying them from the drawers if you’d like. We’ll put them in storage until Ella grows into them,” my mom instructs. I nod and open up the top drawer while everyone else organizes her vast collection of books. She had quite a few. What else is there to do in a hospital?

As I started clearing out the first stack of shirts, I noticed a big orange envelope beneath. I pulled it out.

For the ones I love.


It said across the front. My eyes instantly watered.

“Guys,” I say, waving them over. I opened up the thick orange envelope. Inside were four average sized white envelopes.

For Mom

For Dad

For Ella

For Jessie


“She wrote to us.”  


I feel like this story is really boring and idek why anyone is still reading it but if you are THANKS SO MUCH ILY<3 I'm also SO SORRY it took me a lifetime to update! :( Ive been super busy lately, and wattpad has kind of been put on the backburner for a while. I didn't even have a long chapter to make up for it. In fact, this is really short and im sorry about that too :/ What do YOU think the letters say?? Next chapter will be better and hopefully more eventful. I promise. c: thanks again for reading and ilysm<3 The Fan Fiction Watty Awards are still going on, so if you want to vote for my story the link will be posted on my message board! It would mean a lot! I think Don't Let Go is currently in second place for the Best Liam category. I could really use your help!! Thanks so much<3 x

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