That Night

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        It wasn’t Elenor’s fault. She just sat in the darkness with tears in her eyes. She didn’t know what to do. Nothing made sense to her anymore. She wouldn’t stop crying and staring into the darkness. She finally passed out from crying so much.

        The next morning she woke up and didn’t remember anything. She got up and felt her face; it was all wet and tense. She got up and tried to find her phone but it was gone. She wondered what happened last night. No one was around so she couldn’t ask where she was and where her stuff was at.

        She walked to the corner where there were two doors across each other. She didn’t know which one to take the left or the right. She stood there and looked at the doors. She finally decides to go to the left door and opens it up.

        She finds her phone and her bag. She goes back into the original room she was in earlier. She went to go call her parents but she noticed she didn’t have signal in that room. She went to the left room to see if she had signal but she didn’t have any. She went to the right door and took a deep breath before she opened the door. She was nervous about what was behind the right door.

        She put her hand on the door knob and was about to open it until she fainted. One hour late she woke up in different clothes and her phone was gone once again. She noticed that she was in a different room with two doors, a left and right one, next to each other though. She remembered that she chose the left door last time and her bag was in there.

        Of course she ended up going with the left door. She walked in and fount a box. The box had supplies and a box of cookies. She opened the box of cookies and ate a couple. She brought the box out of the room into the original room. She noticed she could build a weapon to have by her side.

        She made two knives and headed to the right door she didn’t hesitate to open the door this time. She found a human lying on the ground but it wasn’t moving. She got closer and noticed it was her boyfriend Eric he wasn’t breathing. She started crying on him. She really wanted to know what happened.

        She heard someone sneaking up on her so she pulled her two knives out of her boots. The person was another person she knew; it was her best friend Jayla. Jayla has a bat and was about to hit her but stopped and noticed it was her best friend Elenor. Elenor asked “What happened here last night and where are we?”

        Jayla looked down and saw Elenor’s boyfriend lying on the ground. She finally answered “You brought me and Eric to this place. You said it would be fun, it was at first until it stroke 10pm.”

        Elenor was so confused but she replied “I don’t remember anything from last night. I don’t even know this place. Why is Eric dead? What happened at 10pm?”

        Jayla wouldn’t stop looking at the dead body and her best friend. She answered “You don’t, well someone texted you last night and told you to come here they also said to bring two people with you and that you have been here. Eric’s dead because of you. You and Eric got in a huge argument and you went to scream. Oh I have said too much.” She walked off and disappeared into the darkness.

        Elenor said “I, what!! Come back here, Jayla we aren’t done talking.” Elenor went into the darkness and left the body behind. She fainted or so she thought.

        Elenor woke up maybe around 4 pm she estimated. She remembered everything that Jayla said. She was so puzzled about what Jayla had said last “Oh I have said too much.” Elenor replayed that in her mind but didn’t understand how all this happened and what Jayla had told her.

        Elenor was so depressed she now knows that she killed her boyfriend but didn’t know how. She caused all of this and now her friend Jayla is being all mysterious. She looked around and fount one door so she got up and walked straight to it; she opened the door up. The door leads to a hallway with doors along both walls.

        She looked at each door she passed. The doors had names but they were in different languages that she didn’t understand. Two doors were in English they said “Exit and Champion.” She was deciding which door to take. She chose the Exit door of course. She put her hand on the door knob and turned it.

        When she opened it; it was all dark. She walked through the doorway and it wasn’t the Exit whatsoever. She fainted once again.

        She woke up in a room and she saw a person curled up in the corner. She recognized the person in the corner. Elenor spoke up “Jayla is that you?”

        “Elenor is that you? It’s me Jayla,” the girl said with tears in her eyes.

        “Yeah it’s me. Where did you go? What did you mean I screamed at Eric?” Elenor replied.

        “I don’t know where I went when I left you. I was somewhere else though. You screamed at Eric and something bad happened.” Jayla was a little scared when she mentioned the scream.

        Elenor was confused and asked “What happened I need to know or I’ll scream and do whatever happened last time I screamed”

        “Okay when you scream…” Jayla fell through the floor.

        “When I scream what? Jayla answer me please.” Elenor screamed down the hole. She passed out more like fainted from screaming. There was no reply.

        Elenor woke up once again but she started crying. She just lost her best friend down a hole. She finally stopped crying and looked around; it was the hallway of many doors. She stood up and picked the door that said “Champion,” hoping Jayla is in there. She knew if she goes through the Exit door it would not lead her outside.

        She walked to the door and opened the Champion door. When she opened it up she felt a cold breeze. She walked in and it was a bedroom with blue walls and green carpet. The bed was a king size and it had a dead body lying on it; it was her dead boyfriends body.

        She walks over to the bed and examines her boyfriend’s body. She saw neither marks nor bruises on him whatsoever. She was so confused so she got into the bed and cuddled with her dead boyfriend. She was sobbing on him for an hour. Then she remembered he had a cell phone. She searched his body and only found his wallet and some pictures.

        She skimmed through the pictures and it was him and her together on their first date. She cried because all the memories were flashing back. She starred at the body and walked outside into the hall. She closed the door behind her and left Eric (her boyfriend) at peace.

        She decided to go to another door that said “Tener Cuidado!” She didn't know what it meant but she went inside anyway. She goes too open the door but sees a shadow from the corner of her eye. She turns around and closes the door behind her. She thought she saw the shadow heading to the Champion door. She walks slowly to the door and holds in her tears and turns the door knob. It was the same bedroom but it was different. She walked over to the bed but her boyfriend wasn't there; he was gone. She got scarred thinking that the shadow she saw was either him or Jayla.

     She went to go scream but something startled her. She got her knives out and ready to stab. This thing that staterled her had a hood over its head. She screamed at it and all glass and everything else had shattered and she fainted. She was having a dream more like a nightmare before she woke. She woke up and scream again but quietly. She had no idea what happened but all her memories are coming back from the other night. She noticed she was in a dress but in a different room. She got up and walked to the mirror and realized she was in a wedding dress. She had no idea what was going on.

     Suddenly she starts hearing music outside the bedroom door...

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