The Wizard Hunt

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"These can't seriously be all their sending" Laxus grumbled as we borded the train. It was empty save for us, as the village we were traveling through was out of the way and wasn't a place tourists tended to visit. Delaney suspected that was because it was on the far side of Fiore, surrounded by dark guilds and bands of criminals. Masria was the former home to the dark guild Grimor Witch, which had moved due to the magic council paying attention to that specific village. They now were an hour's walk outside the village, and just as dangerous. Chances were the woman they were hunting for had visited there looking for whatever she was after. 

"The wizards here are powerful ones, Laxus. And there are a few we've never worked with before. We have no clue what magics they might use" Delaney shushed him as she walked ahead into the seating compartment. The seats were set up like booths, two sets of two-seater benches facing each other in a diamond form. Delaney glanced over them, finding that the girls, Mysta, Kaesha, and Kayra, were already crowded together with a member from the guilds. They'd ended up in the same booth, Mysta and Lyon were sitting next to each other, though she seemed more interested in the window than in them. Across from them were Kaesha and Kagura, discussing something along the lines of sword fighting from the few words Delaney was catching. In the next seat Kayra was nervously holding onto Eve's arm as he chattered on. "We're sitting there" She informed Laxus as she slipped into the final bench in the group. The prior occupants looked up at her as she and Laxus settled themselves. 

"Who are you, anyway" Kaesha looked the two of them up and down, causing Laxus to bristle. 

"I'm Delaney and this is Laxus." Delaney smiled brightly as Kayra peeked at them over Eve's shoulder. 

Eve looked at Kayra with an equally bright smile before speaking. "Delaney uses Cylce magic and Laxus is a Dragon Slayer" 

"A Dragon Slayer? Really?" Kayra looked at Laxus curiously as she spoke, her fiingers still digging into Eve's arm. 

Kaesha snorted, her face twisting into a sneer. "It's just dragon slaying magic" 

"Don't expect to withhold from underestimating you if you're doing so to us" Mysta broke in, her eyes shooting a pointed look at Kaesha. 

"What magic do you use, Kayra?" Delaney broke through the tense silence. 

"Summoning" Kayra said softly, her eyes focused on the floor. 

"I use Creation magic" Kaesha had turned up her nose at them, proud of the magic she had. 

"No one particularily cares" Mysta shot back, obviously angered by her attitude.

"Listen you little..." Keasha was rendered silent by a sheet of ice sealing her lips. 

Caught off guard, Delaney watched the chaos in front of her. Out of all the girls Kayra seemed like the most decent. The Blue Pegasus wizard was squeezing Eve tighter than she had before as Kaesha and Kagura strugged with the ice. Mysta wore a smirk as they did so. Kaesha glared at the Lamia mage and pressed her palm flat against the wall of the train car. She mumbled something, causing a magic circle to cast on the wall. The metal under her palm slowly gave a gurgle and let a little iron golem pop out. The golem automatically launched itself at the first person it saw, which happened to be Kayra. 

The girl let out a horrible shriek as the golem managed to cut into the arm she'd raised to sheild her face before Eve and Lyon destroyed it with a blast of snow and ice. blood trickled down Kayra's arm and dripped to the carpeted floor as the entire collection of wizards looked on in horrow. Delaney was on her feet before anyone could speak, grabbing Kaesha by her shoulder and shoving her back into the wall she'd formed the golem from. The ice crumbled away as Delaney released a tiny bit of the energy she'd stored into it. Kaesha scowled at her as Delaney glared. 

"You'd better listen to me, and listen good" Delaney hissed. "I don't care what egotistical nonsense they've been feeding you at Mermaid Heel and I don't care who damages it. You never use your magic on a comrade with the intent to harm. Not only did you spitefully set dangerous magic loose, you hurt Kayra; and she had nothing to do with you and Mysta acting like spoiled brats. I don't know what standards you've followed, but in Fairy Tail we don't put up with that. The next time you attack a member of this team, I will make sure your guild is aware of your behavior, and I know Mermaid Heel doesn't put up with that either." She shoved the girl again and rounded on Mysta. "That goes for you too." Looking at both of them she narrowed her eyes. "Do I make myself clear?" 

Both of the wizards nodded, their eyes narrowed in anger. Delaney turned her back on them to check on Kayra. Eve was already pressing a small, blue cloth to the wound. The cut wasn't deep, but it was bleeding heavily. Eve had staunched most of the bleeding, but Delaney still knelt down to lend a hand. Eve smiled at her as he held Kayra's arm still while Delaney wrapped it in the bandages Lucy had provided. Kayra was silent, watching the rivlets of blood that still stained the otherwise clear skin. Her eyes had misted over into a swirling white instead of the pale gray they had been before. 

"Kayra? Kay, are you okay?" Eve said gently, touching her shoulder. 

Kayra's head snapped up, causing her to smack into Eve's forehead. The two of them sat back, Eve rubbing his forehead and her rubbing his cheek. Kayra was looking at him in horror, probably scared he'd yell at her. Instead he grinned in his usual way, laughing and looking at her with a fondness Delaney hadn't seen in a while. Not since Gajeel finally admitted his feelings to Levy. Mira said Laxus still looked at her that way, but she didn't see it. 

"Dee.."Laxus warned as she smiled brightly. 

"PUPPY LOVE" Delaney clapped her hands happily, the noise startling Kayra and Eve into looking away from one another. Their faces instantly colored as they sprang apart, Kayra directing her eyes to the floor and Eve pretending interest in the arm rest. 

"Be nice" Laxus laughed, making Delaney pull away from the two wizards.

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