Football and Apologies

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Sadie's POV

I'm sitting on the bleachers with Jade and Dani watching the lads and Tina play football. Every once and a while Tina would slowdown complaining that she's sweating.

Harry would tell her to man up and she would say that she's not a man. Then after that Louis would tell them both to stop and just keep playing.

The score right now is 5-2. Tina's team is leading and I just think its funny because Harry was so confident in beating Tina. Now he's losing. And also Tina has scored three out of the five points that they had. The other two were Zayn and Louis.

Harry and Niall scored the two points as Liam just passes the ball to one of the two.

"Haha Styles I just scored on your ass!" Tina says while high-fiving Zayn and Louis. Once she high-fives Louis he grabs her arm and puts her over his shoulder.

"Hey Zayn do you think we should do mercy rule? 'cause I think that Tina would get to ten before they even get three. Well with the help of us." Louis says looking at Zayn.

I look over at Jade to see her laughing at Tina along with Dani. All of a sudden i hear a high-pitched screech coming from the field.

"Louis William Tomlinson how many times have I told you not to touch my butt!" Tina says. I look over in their direction and see Tina pinch Louis bum.

I giggle at them. Once Louis felt the pinch he jumps up and loses his footing. Tina lets out a little scream as Louis just laughs.

Tina has a death grip on his neck and her eyes tightly closed from the fall. Louis puts his finger under her chin and lifts it up. He kisses her and I see Tina's face chance from scrunched up to relaxed. I want a relationship like that.

"Hey love birds! can we please get back to the game!?" Harry says angrily which makes Tina jump apart from Louis. Louis stands up and helps Tina. Tina responds to Harry by sticking her tongue out at him.

"Oh your so adorable." Louis says to Tina and pecks her cheek witch makes her smile lightly.

"Ok curly it's your ball." Tina says with a throw of the ball at Harry. It hits Harry's gut and he groans. Harry gives Tina a death glare and puts the ball down by his foot.

He brings his leg back. And by now I'm at the bottom of the bleachers. His foot makes in contact with the ball. I think he meant to kick at Tina but he put a little curve on the ball and I see it hurtling towards my face.

I feel pain shoot through my face and something dripping from my nose.

"Oh my god Sadie I am so sorry!" Harry says in a rushed panic running over to me. Tina is right behind him.

"Harry get out of the way this is your fault!" Tina yells at Harry. I wipe my nose with my hand at look down at it. I almost faint at the sight of blood.

"Oh my god Sadie your nose is bleeding here pinch it right here. I'm gunna take her to the nurse see you guys later." Tina says in a rush. She hurries and gets her bag as well as mine and starts walking me to the nurses office.


"Ok sweetheart just take it easy and don't touch your nose for the rest of the day got it?" the nurse says to me. I just nod. I stand up and take the pass the nurse had written for me and Tina.

"Oh my god Sadie. I am so sorry if I hadn't said anything to Harry he wouldn't have tried to hit me with the ball an-"

"It's ok Tina it wasn't anyone's fault. Harry didn't mean to hit me and I just think that he got jealous of all the attention Louis was giving you instead of him." I cut off Tina from her rambling.

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