Jennie's POV:

today was probably the most exciting day of my life. Not just becasue it's my birthday but I got meet and greet tickets to meet my favourite band ever. R5! I couldn't sleep at all last night. Woke up very early and did what I normally do in the morning. Went downstairs and ate some breakfast. Since it's my birthday Mom made me a special breakfast. Yummy pancakes topped with whipped cream and lots and lots of sprinkles and a bowl of fruit. Typical mom. Always got to make sure I eat healthy. After they all greeted me happy birthday and ate my very yummy breakfast, I ran back into my room to get ready for the day ahead. My friend's called and jsut did what we always do. Picking out the perfect outfit was very hard. I wanted to look as pretty as Rydel and I wanted one of the boys to notice me. More exactly a certain blonde. The one on that Disney show. Ross Lynch! I always liked him and I never thought the day would come when I actually meet him. Decided to wear a band shirt with a floral skirt. Felt pretty in it. after I did my hair and tied a yellow ribbon around my hair. Looked very happy and very girly. Time to leave and finally meet them. Beyond excited!

Ross' POV:

Today we have a gig and as always im super pumped. Love performing so much in front of fans. They like the best people in the world. Riker and Rocky was messing with Ryland's stuff and trying to annoy him while Rydel and Ratliff was talking and laughing. More like flirting. Seriously those two need to just get together already. Looked on twitter at some fan tweets and saw one that said

" going to meet @OfficialR5 today and It's My birthday too! All I need is a @RossR5 to know me and like me then it would be perfect!"

this girl was so sweet and I looked at her profile picture and she was very pretty. Maybe it's going to be the perfect day for her. Suddenly I hear snort giggle and it was from Rydel.

" what's up?" i asked

" you like the girl and you don't know her!" she said back

" im going to meet her today though so maybe" i said back looking at the phone

before she could say anything Ryland came in telling us it's time to take the meet and greet pictures. We got to our places and one by one groups of girls came and gave us stuff and gave us hugs. They were so cool. All way through the picture taking I was looking for the girl. Checked on twitter for her name and it was Jennie. See even her name is cool and cute. Then I looked up and the next girl coming up was her.

Jennie's POV:

I can't believe im here and so close to meeting Ross and the band. It's my turn. I walked slowly and smiled but I was so shy. Rydel and ratliff gave me a hug while Rocky made me laugh and Riker was asking questions. Finally it was my time to get a hug and maybe faint form Ross.

" hey"

" jennie right?" he said, he knows my name

" yeah how'd you know?" i asked

" your tweet this morning and it's going to be perfect day for you" he said

" ohh you read that never actually thought you would my bad!" i replied back

" haha happy birthday by the way" he said to me

" aww thanks your so sweet" i said back lame response but oh well

" yeah that's why they say about me" he said making me laugh

" ummm sorry for ruining your moment but we got sort of take the picture and perform soon" Riker said and i said sorry

So we took the picture and i was so surprised when Ross gave me a kiss on the cheek for one the pictures. Made me kinda feel cloud 9. I said bye and was going to my place for the concert. Throughout the entire concert, Ross kept looking at me and smiling. And when they were about to sing Loud, He said

" this for the birthday girl who i was looking for the one tonight. Look in your pocket, this is Loud!" he said and does he mean me? I looked in my pocket and there was a note. That was from Ross with phone number. He was right. It's official the best birthday and best day ever!


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