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ive been staying with sarah for a few weeks , but the gouvernment wont let me stay here perminantly so ive been told i am going into a care home, in one last desperate hope (after so many) i tried every possible way of contacting of dad before my mum died she told me his name was James Hook ,so i spend most of my time searching for anyone named James Hook living in England , none of the Janes Hook's in england knew my mother and on the night before i would be put into a care home, i tried desperatly with no prevail . it was past midnight and i still couldnt sleep, i knw i was going into care , that another family would try to take me in and replace my mum .
i went over to my window to take a look at the stars, mum and i used to do it all the time , when i do it now i can imagine her next to me,
i went to close the window and return to bed hoping that the stars would comfort me when a black figure flew up and reached out its hand to me , he had glowing blue eyes that shone and promised a better life. so i took his hand and we flew away.

I was travling around england like i usually when i felt all the emotions of someone like i usually do but this person was filled with so much sadness and regret i was drawn to them , my feeling led me to a small home where i saw a girl with yet black hair stair at the stars , i watched her for a few moments and i saw her crying as he looked at them , she was just about to close the window when i flew to he and offered her my hand and a chance to come to Neverland
I took the sadows hand as he promised me a life of adventure and fun , where i wouldnt have to worry about growing up ever again , where i could stay young forever, and never know the bitter chill of death again .
we began to fly across the city and i left sarah and my mum behind , the further we traveled the more i began to hear music , leading me into a trance like state as we reached never land , the shadow helped me down and left , i was on this island alone.
i began to make my way into the forest to see if i could find anyone or anything, the forest was thick with bushes and tress's , the ground was muddy covered in fallen and decaing leaves, it felt like i had been walking for hours and i was beginning to get hungry when i found a bush nearby that was covered with countless sharp thorns ,but inside the bush past the thorns were berries , finally food i thought , i bent down to eye height of the berries and stretched out my arm .
" i wouldnt do that if i were you " a male voice behind me beckond . i turned around to see a boy up in one of the tree's " i mean you can if you want , it wont bother me , but if you want to live i wouldnt"., he had brown hair that was slightly swooped to one side, he was wearning dark green and brown, his jacket was worn ,the sleeves stopped just above his elbows and it finished on his thighs. he was also wearing brown boots that came just under his knee's. "who are you? and why shouldnt i try to get those berries ? " i asked , where did he even come from?
" oh i am sorry "the boys said hopping down from the tree" did i forget to introduce myself , i am Peter , Peter pan .
oh and you shouldnt even try to attempt getting those berries , you see ,the plant those particular berrries are attached too is nightshade and all it takes is one graze from the thorns and you'll be six feat under with in 24 hours. "
"i guess i should thank you then" i say walking away from the berries
you could , Peter Pan said , " or you could do something for me "
"and what would that be "i asked Peter Pan curious to what he had in mind .
"well first of all you havent told me your name yet, and its only poliet to after i saved your life"
"Fair enough" I say smirking ," my names Raven"
"Raven , Like the bird,,,, ravens are beautiful ", just like you he thought smirking
"So" I say quickly changing the subject ," how can I thank you for saving me ."
"You can start by playing a game with me and the lost boys " for a moment peter looked slightly disappointed but it quickly vanished and was replaced by mischievous look in his eyes . Come on ill introduce you to them.

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