“Code red! Code red!” Kenji yelled into the two-way radio, “The enchilada has left the Taco Hut! I repeat! The enchilada has-”

“Idiot. I'm right here.” I said as I flicked his ear, “And, I don't remember agreeing to that code phrase.”

“Who cares? May is leaving the school!” He said loudly as he waved his hands crazily in the air.

I rolled my eyes, sighing as I stood, “Why are we tracking her again?”

Kenji stuck his finger up in the air, “Because, my dear Risa. Isao asked as to.”

I began following May, “That's not how I remember it.”

Isao walked up to Kenji and I in the hallway, “H-hello... You wouldn't happen to know where May-chan is, would you?”

Kenji slipped his hand onto Isao's shoulder, and, with a childish smirk, asked, “Do you like May-chan, Isao-San?” 

Isao pushed his glasses up with his shaky hand, “W-well, I suppose you could say I l-like her...”

“I knew it! Isao, my man, we will track your true love, May-chan, for you!”

I blinked, “We will?”

“Off we go! Come along, Risa-chan!” Kenji marched off proudly, looking around for May as I reluctantly followed him.

“So, in reality, you assumed he would want us to track her, and marched off after loudly declaring he liked her.”

Kenji shrugged and took off after May. I shook my head and ran after him.

And, to think. I thought this would be the strangest part of my day.

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